Programmer 1C. Where to get training software?

Hello. OTUS launches course in July “Programmer 1C”within the framework of which it will be possible to pump up to the level of a leading 1C-programmer, as well as prepare for the certification of “1C: specialist”. Specially for the start of classes, the course teacher Dmitry Kotlov prepared a useful note on where to get the training software.


Colleagues, in this article I will tell you what complex of software products is needed to study programming in the 1C: Enterprise development environment, as well as database administration, including those based on MS SQL, and to study the most popular configurations, such as UT, BP, and ZUP. What are the options to save money on its purchase and use.

Let’s consider this question in more detail.

What programs will be needed for such a study

Platform: Client platform 1C enterprise, mobile platform 1C enterprise, server version of platform 1C enterprise.

Configurations: UT (Trade management), ZUP (Salary and personnel management), BP (enterprise accounting).

Other software: MS SQL, Android Studio (for developing mobile applications), Apache for Windows (for developing mobile applications)

Where can I get software.

Training software:

  1. Download for free from official sites – but such software will have certain limitations.
  2. Buy – then there will be no restrictions, but this is not a cheap pleasure.
  3. Lease – of the advantages it is worth noting that when renting, as a rule, a large number of configurations are provided immediately, there is no need to use a modern computer, because work will occur on a remote site, the possibility of a free demo period. Of the minuses: rent after a free period is paid, the installation of any additional. You cannot do the software on your own, and perhaps you can’t do it at all if the landlord prohibits such actions.

Consider the above options in more detail.

Where and what software can be downloaded for free:

Software purchase:

Cannot be purchased for free:

  1. Enterprise platform 1C version supporting client-server operation option
  2. Server version of 1C platform
  3. Configurations: UT (trade management) and ZUP (Salary and personnel management)

You can purchase these products from a company of partners 1C, on the site 1C there is a price:, the price at which partners sell software is in the column “Recommended price”.

1. Version 1C of the enterprise platform supporting the client-server option

To study the client-server mode of operation, including the administration of such databases, you will need a version of the platform without restriction on the client-server mode, for example, it’s suitable:

1C: Enterprise 8. Development kit. Electronic delivery. At the time of this writing, the cost of such a kit is only 630 rubles. and it includes the configuration of UT (trade management)

2. Server version of the 1C platform

Platform version 1C supporting client-server (server key):

1C: Enterprise 8. MINI server for 5 connections. Anti-crisis electronic delivery for developers is the best option for cost.

3. Configurations

If you downloaded the free version of 1C and purchased a kit for the developer, you just have to purchase the ZUP (1C: Salary and Personnel Management 8) there are no versions for training on this product and its cost at the time of writing is: 22600

Software rental:

There are many services that offer 1C rental, it is important that access to the configurator is required for teaching programming, not all services provide it.

Below I will provide links to a number of services where it is possible to work in the configurator and there are all the configurations we need:

  1. Scloud (optimal rate) –
  2. Live.Cloud –
  3. Rarus (rent 1C – standard rate) –

If you are interested in the course or want to ask a question directly to the teacher, we invite you to free webinar to be held on July 2.

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