Jobseeker or Employer Market VS Age Discrimination


Continuing my debriefing on recruiting and setting in the last 5 years, I want to touch on two sensitive topics:
– whose market is now, who is running the show – the employer or the applicant;
– the notorious age limit of 45+, is everything so bad and hopeless.
Actually, further conversation will go about these things. Make yourself comfortable, there will be a lot of insider information.
The above two topics are very close to each other and constantly intersect in everyday life. One thing gives rise to another.

So who calls the tune today? Let’s consider in detail the main areas.

Low-skilled workers (service sector, cleaners, couriers, posting machines, etc.). Everything is simple here, there are more applicants, the work, although more complicated, is primitive. We can say 1 – 0 in favor of the employer.

Working specialties (builders, engineers, handymen) – all who work with their hands, so to speak. Those who could have rolled abroad for a long time in search of a successful life, but everything is not so smooth there. The attitude is bestial because the same Poles, Germans, Czechs go to work in more civilized countries and for more comfortable work. Our people live in poor conditions, the best positions and work still go to the locals. Many acquaintances, disappointed, return and earn almost the same money on construction sites, only at home.
A good builder is worth its weight in gold, I agree. I ran the HR department, where the employee was looking for purely workers for Poland. Finding someone in the same Ukraine is almost unrealistic. 90% of respondents are alcoholics. All the smart ones have left for a long time. Here the score was equal, 1 -1

Linemen, middle management (accountants, salespeople, recruiters, assistant managers, etc.). The choice is huge, there are 30 job seekers per employer. It is difficult to choose, but it is possible. People are at the beginning of the journey, some have little experience, self-esteem is average – selection is relatively easy. 2 -1, the employer took the lead.

Top management, CEO and other important uncle-directors.


There is a sharp drawdown and a goal of nine to the employer. Catching big fish is expensive “tackle”, non-trivial skills and all this.
From experience, in order to select the same director of the company, or at least a deputy, you have to rake a ton of garbage because everyone wants to lead us. Therefore, only handles, only point search. The interview processes are unusual (we’ll come back to this especially when it comes to IT), you have to “walk” such candidates, lead them at gunpoint. Sometimes it happened to starve out several months, that’s the beauty of headhunting.
Here the employer whistles, no matter how cool he is. The situation is ridiculous: there seem to be a lot of applicants, but peppers are 5%. All those who are 90% suitable feel fine and they literally have to be stolen from companies. Again a draw, 2 – 2!

So we come to the point for which you have read all of the above. The developer niche.


I will not repeat about the stupidity and tricks of my colleagues, who wants to be able to read this in my previous article. Here we will consider who is stronger and who dictates the conditions. That’s right – the developers. You say, dude, you’re just a CO – that’s obvious. It is so, but subtleties, gentlemen, subtleties.
A development boom has swept over the countries of the former CIS. The movement began. The tops were immediately hunted by the tops (Google, Amazon and others), the rest were taken apart by the smaller guys. The demand is increasing every day. No, with every hour. Many rushed to the courses and do not care that Vasya is a humanist, he can become the king of Java, “of course”.
We discussed earlier why these poor recruiter girls are creeping around, begging you to get in touch and come to them for “cookies” (I would kill for such vacancies, but they are).
This is because there are too few free agents. Even June will find a use for itself for $ 700 -1500, not to mention the middle and seniors. In the age of the development of the Internet and powerful networking, he is already employed an hour after taking his diploma. Yes, no offense will be said, and there are not so many specialists among your brother, but this is not about that, they go into soldering transistors to Gorbushka or the radio market.
Therefore, poor recruiters do not know which side to approach in order to lure the developer. There were cases (Ukraine) that recruiters came to the office themselves for an interview with a future candidate, because he was busy and could not come. There is such a thing. There is definitely a complete separation of the employer and 3 – 2 in favor of the applicant!

I would like to hear your opinion: what is still better, working for a “foreign” while sitting in Vladivostok or coding in Berlin? There is an opinion that outsourcing from Khrushchev in their own country is much more profitable than in a foreign land.

Moving on to the age limit, I’ll throw a spoiler – the developers also have carte blanche there.

What is happening in the countries of the former CIS and why 40 – 45+ you are already an old fighter and a downed pilot.


Our ball is spinning faster every decade and I’m not talking about astronomy. All business processes, interactions, decision making, technology – everything flies. Modern business requires an expert octopus, dexterous and quick-witted. USSR standards of a wise engineer are already only in stories born in the 60s – 70s. In my opinion, in this regard, the model of the golden age fork of 21 – 35 years old has emerged. It is easy to manage completely green, it is easier to teach than to retrain, a person delves into and grows with the company, etc. But, alas and ah, these very young talents do not have the quality of knowledge that was during the absence of the Internet and all these Wikipedias. Now the accessibility to the granite of science is on the surface, and the desire for its knowledge is much less. Here’s an example for you with recruiters who take out your brain. Meet this new generation.
Yes, undoubtedly, there are many talented young specialists, but there are far fewer of them than some 10-15 years ago. The people grow dumb, no matter how rude and obvious it may sound.
And what about the “oldies”, these “pensioners” at the age of 40-45? Why are they already mostly illiquid? It’s simple. Usually, people at this age already know their worth. They do not get wet in a puddle like puppies. They are more difficult to manage (because 70% have already been / are leaders). It is also difficult to retrain, but this does not mean that everything is a cross on a person. If we take the Western model, then after 30-40 years a person is just beginning to live professionally.
By the way, a note about US recruiters. Hindus are 80% there and they are similar to our recruiters as pests, but indigenous people are 20% and they are more creative. They ask unconventional questions.

This sad paragraph was not about IT people. Now about you, invulnerable.


In the IT niche, things are a little different. Again a story from personal experience.
There is one well-known Ukrainian company that has been on the market for over 20 years. So, they have 50+ developers on their staff and dust particles are blown off them. Why? Because when it all started in the distant 2000s, they raised everything on an ancient basis. The company is progressing, developing, but there are still things that only Vasily Petrovich in a jacket with square pockets remembers and knows. He is appreciated and respected.
Yes, in IT everything flows, develops and changes. We must keep our finger on the pulse, the brain 24/7. But if you are a niche market, for example, and you work in your narrow space, earning comfortable money, you can work at least up to 100 years, as long as your blood sugar is approx.
The trend is that it is in the IT niche that the highest “hunger” and the need for specialists are now. Therefore, I think that the age range here does not have such strict criteria as that of an ordinary plumbing salesman or design engineer, where Revit for him at 50 is akin to surrealism. IT specialists are monitored from 1x courses of universities and to infinity. Many of my colleagues are storing the resume of Juns for the future, because when he becomes a middle or senior, it will not be he, but him …


Summing up, I would like to hear from you opinions, stories. In the previous post, everything was very friendly. I know that you do not particularly favor my colleagues, but we want to understand you more, so as not to blush later and not ask questions about who you see yourself in 5 years. Believe me, I am ready to carry feedback from you through my extensive channels and, perhaps, you will meet less and less Masha and their buns.
Based on your discussion, I wrote this article. If you are interested in reading about the interview process, resume writing and other nishtyaks, I will be glad to open different subtleties for you. Naturally, everything is in an accessible and unobtrusive style!


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