Jetpack helicopter type

Australian company CopterPack posted a video with a successful lift-off on the ground and a manned flight in a few seconds of her propeller jetpack.

The frame is made of carbon fiber. Powered by electricity. Judging by the video, the flight can last no more than a minute. The system is equipped with automatic stabilization. There is no more information available.

Under the cut are a couple of historical analogs of “helicopter jetpacks”.

Baumgärtl Heliofly I


Austrian engineer Paul Baumgartl developed a personal helicopter pack in 1941.



In the 1940s, Horace T. Pentecost founded Hoppi-Copters Inc.
In 1945, they proposed a device with counter-rotating rotors:


Radius 3.66, motor power 20 hp, carrying capacity 90 kg, speed 154 km / h, flight duration 1 hour.


SoloTrek XFV

It was first introduced in 2001.

Martin Jetpack

We started in 2008, went bankrupt in 2019.


Folding helicopter Ka-56 “Osa”


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