IKEA TRÅDFRI LED lamps and Xiaomi smart home

This year, smart LED lamps TRÅDFRI (Trodfree) controlled by the Zigbee protocol appeared in Russian IKEA stores.

Xiaomi smart home zigbee gateways can be used to control these lamps.

At Swedish IKEA now on sale 60 TRÅDFRI products:

There are only four in Russia, and it is written that the bulbs are “Out of range”.

In the summer, there was also an E27 bulb of 1000 lumens for 899 rubles, now it is not there, and everything else seems to be gone soon.

In terms of light quality, TRÅDFRI lamps are the same as IKEA LEDARE: CRI 91-92, exact compliance with the parameters stated, small ripple up to 12%. Here are the results of my measurements of these lamps in the laboratory (pear, candle, spot).

I guess that the Russian IKEA displays these lamps because of the assortment because there was no demand. And there was no demand due to the fact that the lamps were delivered, and the gateways and control panels were forgotten. As a result, smart bulbs can be bought in IKEA, but they cannot be controlled, since control devices are sold only abroad.

Fortunately, it turned out that the Xiaomi smart home supports IKEA lamps and there are seven IKEA lamps in the list of devices.

Alas, of those lamps that were sold and are being sold in Russia, it is possible to connect only a candle and a spot. Pear E27 does not connect to either MI Gateway 2 or MI Gateway 3. They write about this on the Internet, but I checked it personally – it does not want to connect (either there are other bulbs in the Chinese IKEA, or in Xiaomi they messed up something).

The candle and the GU10 spot are connected without problems, for this you need to turn on the gateway, select in the MI Home application to add the corresponding IKEA lamp (gateway – devices – +), when the search starts, “reset” the light bulb: turn it on, then turn it off and on six times (in the application and instructions from the lamp are incorrectly written “turn on and off six times”). If the light is successfully reset, it will blink.

On the page of the light bulb there is a switch, a dimmer, and above there are three completely meaningless “mood buttons”. Timers and automation can of course be configured.

In the minimum light mode, the lamp gives 5% of the nominal brightness, for the night light mode this is too much.

If you use a Xiaomi smart home and want to add smart bulbs to it, IKEA TRÅDFRI is a great option – where else can you find smart bulbs with CRI 91+ for 699 rubles. It is worth hurrying up: unfortunately, they will soon leave Russia, and it is not known when they will return.

PS The results of my measurements of the parameters of IKEA TRÅDFRI lamps on Lamptest.ru: https://lamptest.ru/search/#&search=tradfri&sort=no&order=asc

© 2020, Alexey Nadezhin

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