How to gift an online certificate in an original way? 3 IT and 7 universal ideas

Ho-ho-ho, Khabrovites! Today we are going to harvest magic dust so that a digital gift will evoke the same exciting anticipation as the bundle under the tree. In this article, we thought about everyone: about the lazy and funky, analysts and programmers of all stripes, about companies and our best friends who will spend the New Year away from you.

In the cap of the head elf – Katya Ivanova, creator of OTUS

Hello! For me, the New Year is a triumph of sensing. All these soft blankets and funny hats, frosty cheeks, scalding tea and hugs smelling of tangerines, aromas of spices, pickles and baked chicken, a kaleidoscope of lights, ringing bells, Christmas jingles, rustling of wrapping paper and excitement. All this is so desirable to share with loved ones, but quarantine has imposed many restrictions – even corporate parties for many are held in Zuma.

This same isolation has increased the relevance of gift certificates and online activities. You won’t miss a choice and you don’t have to wait for a live meeting to congratulate. And yet, there is one “but”: just send the names and passwords = kill all the New Year’s magic. There is little emotion in this format. But it is curiosity, anticipation, intrigue that leave the most vivid impressions, and matter more than the gift itself. So, if Santa was able to get creative with his task, that’s doubly nice.

The purpose of this article is to inspire you and suggest several ideas for different circumstances and times. Of course, “print the certificate, put it in the box with the cognac and send it by courier” also works well, but I thought there were already so many such collections, so I focused on the online format.

A small educational program if you have never bought online certificates. Upon purchase, you will be sent an identification number or a promotional code, as we do at OTUS, rarely happens, they send specials. registration link. Many companies immediately offer to send a gift to the recipient’s e-mail, so in order not to burn a surprise, we indicate our contacts.

For the lazy

Something that can be dealt with in half an hour!

Wish from the heart

Record a video or voice, come up with a verse or just a sincere text and add it to the certificate. In the appeal, you can note the qualities and achievements that the person has shown this year, and wish what you think will be useful to him next year. Poems-patties are still in vogue too;)

when the New Year was canceled
I didn’t even move my mustache
I should eat tangerines with

QR code puzzle

Encrypt the certificate data into a QR code. Divide it into fragments in a graphic editor or print and take a series of photos. Send the pieces out of the way like a mini-puzzle.

Virtual postcard

Yes, yes, like the ones that our cousin sends us for any reason in watsap, but without epilepsy from sparkles and flying pigeons. For this, artistic skills are not required, you can design a postcard using Canva, Crello, SUPA or a meme generator, leaving your hot wishes for 2021.

By the way, about memes. If in the fire of deadlines you fell out of the latest news, then I suggest: the trend of the outgoing year is now the guys in the vape shop and the mysterious monolith.

Thinking of what to give to an IT specialist? Gift certificates for training at OTUS! Select the appropriate option ->

For those who are ready to get confused

The main thing here is to have enough time to get ready. The secret to success is simplify and don’t be a perfectionist.

Advent calendar

The essence of the Advent calendar is to prepare for Christmas and enter this day already with some awareness of how you have changed over the year, where you are now and what you want from the future. These are small tasks for every day with a reward.
You can come up with your own calendar with tasks, and for each completed, open the next digit of the gift certificate.

Congratulation site

Collect joint photos and screenshots from Skype this year. Remember what the person associates with, what do you want to wish him in the New Year? Add holiday tracks, funny clips and motivating GIFs, a selection of films or ideas on how to spend the holidays while maintaining a quarantine regime.

Collect it all with Tilda or Carrd templates. And remember, in this case, the design is not the main thing, the main thing is the idea itself and your attention!


Turn the entire digital world into a quest field. One-page sites, social networks, telegrams, Zoom, Miro, multiuser online drawing games, QR, AR technologies, YouTube, Spotify and even the command line can help you. The same Tilda, by the way, is a good opportunity to quickly add interactive elements to the site.

General gist: Start with a hint and guide your friend through a cycle of riddles.

The hardest thing is to use the Telegram bot (you can just create a new account and pretend to be a bot yourself).

A game (Bonus option for experienced)

Using the standard googling method, you can find the finished code of some simple game. Like those children learn to do in Scratch 🙂 Replace the avatar of the main character with a photo or picchu of your friend, add a little New Year’s mood, and at the end of the level – congratulations and certificate data.

For a fellow developer

Add a line with congratulations and certificate details to your code and with an unsuspecting person, ask a colleague to review.

Advanced version – add some Christmas tree to the Easter egg. For example, I liked this one in C ++.

#include <iostream> 
using namespace std; 
                      int a                      
                     (int x=                     
                 for(int y=2;y>=                 
               0;--y){for(int z=0;               
                 ){cout<<" ";}for(                 
              int z=0;z<x*2-y*2+5;++z              
               <<endl;}}for(int x=0;                
             x<w/5+1;++x){for(int z=0;              
           z<w/3+1;++z){cout<<" ";}for(            
         int z=0;z<w-(w/3+1)*2;z+=1){cout          

For analyst

Don’t miss the opportunity to collect more data and learn something new about your recipient! You can take a google poll or quiz and find out how your friend behaved this year. Do not forget to ask if he takes responsibility for showing up in pajamas in the midst of a meeting at Zuma, and walk through the sick: ask if he completed at least one online course during the isolation. At the end, determine how bad a boy / girl he was, and send wishes and a gift.

For Zoom Party

There is a huge scope for original ways to exchange gifts: prepare and conduct a quiz, make a gift using pantomime or a picture, hide the QR code with access to the certificate in the room in the background, etc.

For best friend

Build a Santa Claus or Snow Maiden costume and call your friend. Be persistent enough and do not give the key to the gift until a rhyme is read to you on the other side of the screen on a stool.

And if you have an IT friend, he will surely be delighted to have the opportunity to save money on upgrading professional skills in the new year. Specially prepared for this case certificates for training in OTUS

I hope I convinced you that a virtual gift can also be presented in an interesting way. It is not so difficult, but it will definitely become a good memory for you and your loved ones. As they say, do not expect miracles – be odd yourself!


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