Do not use this massager during video conferencing. Bluetens Duo Sport Miostimulator Overview

Ka gvm in masetrs apam mahvli nngchvy. Sorry, typing with the massager and electrodes on hand was not a good idea. Disconnected, let’s try again.

We have arrived at Madrobots with new Bluetens muscle stimulators – gadgets for home electrotherapy. We warn in advance: there will be no embossed cubes from sitting on the sofa with electrodes on the stomach. But there are many other possibilities. We already managed to test the new products – we hasten to share our impressions.

Let’s go back 5,000 years ago

Electrical stimulation is a common procedure in sports medicine and body shaping. Used to achieve a healing, strengthening or relaxing effect. From a marketing point of view, it is convenient to count this technique back from Ancient Egypt, where the role of mobile gadget-muscle stimulators was performed by electric eels. In modern medical practice, technology has been used since the second half of the 20th century.

Two types of electrotherapy are distinguished: TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) – stimulates endorphin production and alleviates pain, and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) – directs electrical signals to muscles as part of sports training or to recover from injuries.

The Bluetens home electrotherapy device is certified medical in the European Union. In Russia, the gadget has not received such certification. On the official website of the brand, in versions in European languages, is given list of scientific papers on the use of electrotherapy to alleviate various diseases and speed up training.

Also, a service was developed for European practitioners in which they can create a training program using a Bluetens massager – and send it to their patients through a proprietary application. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Let’s start with the box

The Bluetens Duo Sport massager-stimulator is a whole set. The set includes 2 independent wireless units and electrodes – 4 pcs. size M and 8 pcs. size S. To them – a bunch of cables for connecting electrodes and for charging modules.

The box opens in two directions – it turns out a kind of “screen of the dungeon master.” Each item is in its own separate compartment. If you don’t want to keep the massager in a box, the set provides a compact case for storing all components.

The electrodes are attached to the skin using a sticky surface – and between procedures are stored on special plastic sheets. On average, each electrode is designed for 20-30 sessions (depends on your skin type and on how carefully you relate to components).

Where will we attach it?

The module itself fits easily in the palm of your hand. On the front side there is a power button and a wheel for manual power adjustment. With what intensity does the gadget work and does it work at all – the light indication will tell.

The model supports up to 100 programs for various muscle groups. All of them can be divided into three main areas – programs for relaxation, for training and to reduce pain.

  • Relaxation. Massage and light stimulation programs. Best choice after a long working day. They solve problems with a stiff back and neck, relieve tension in the arms or legs.
  • Training. A muscle stimulator can be used before starting regular sports – to warm up and prepare muscles for exertion. During the training itself – this will increase their effectiveness. And after – to quickly recover and reduce the risk of cramps and muscle cramps.
  • Pain relief. Programs block the passage of pain signals through the nervous system and help your body recover quickly. This applies to muscle, arthritic, tendon, chronic and other types of pain.

With the choice of mode and zone, the application will prompt. All stimulation programs in it are broken down depending on the desired effect or problem.

Launch the application

The Bluetens application does not require the input of unnecessary personal data during registration. There is no need to separately add a gadget to it. The modules are automatically connected via Bluetooth when the selected program is launched. The main thing is to indicate which model you will work with, with Duo Sport or the classic single Bluetens.

The application is Russified, but the most attentive will easily notice that the great and mighty did not have enough space everywhere.

How is the whole process going? After a simple registration by mail or login via Google / Facebook, you get to the main screen – to the mode and zone selection wheel. Among the zones are the back, stomach, hips, knees, wrists, even the feet. The list of modes consists of 4 options: Relaxation, Recovery, Tone and Treatment.

Having compiled the desired combination (for example, Upper Back + Relaxation), we go to the next level – to the choice of a specific program.

As you can see, one module is enough for a relaxing massage of the neck and shoulders. The second one at this time can be used in parallel with another suitable program. That is, you can electronically relax after a hard day with your other half!

If, for example, you want “Explosive Power” in the biceps and triceps, both blocks will be required.

During the procedure, you can adjust the intensity of the stimulation – in the application or on the device itself. For each program, details and recommendations are given: duration, phases of work, indications for use, a suitable schedule and expected result.

Photos and diagrams will tell you how to properly place the electrodes. But there is a nuance. If your physique is very different from the examples on the screen, it will take a little more time and imagination to apply the scheme to yourself.

You can start your favorite electrical stimulation without an application. There is an option that allows you to download one of the programs to the device – and then use the device without a smartphone. It will automatically start when the module is manually turned on.

Expectations vs Reality

We emphasize once again. Bluetens does not promise embossed cubes from just sitting on the couch. In this case, you just get an expensive gadget for beating borsch in the stomach, and with the most sad development of events, also indigestion.

Duo Sport is not a substitute for physical exercise, but an addition to it or a way to quickly return to payloads.

At the same time, intense loads with the device really feel like intense. By attaching the electrodes to the upper part of the arm, you will no longer be able to continue working calmly at the computer – with the contraction of the muscles, the arms will literally begin to walk with a shiver.

Back massage will also make you vibrate significantly with your whole body. We do not recommend launching it during video meetings. Although the jerky picture can always be explained by the poor quality of communication.

One cannot fail to mention one more difficulty that convinced single people may encounter: independently placing electrodes for neck and back stimulation programs is a non-trivial task (do not give up, a little practice – and everything turns out, editor’s note).

Like any device that affects health, the Bluetens Duo Sport has a number of contraindications! People with an electrocardiostimulator, metal prostheses and implants, as well as those suffering from epilepsy, should not use this gadget. It is not recommended for pregnant women, as well as for diabetes and circulatory problems. When treating a specific disease with electrotherapy, please consult your doctor.


Bluetens products are already available in our online store. Massager miostimulyator Bluetens Duo Sport: 2150018 275 rub., and single Massager Miostimulyator Bluetens: 11990 10 191 rub., with a discount of 15% for readers of Habr by promo code

Until April 30, Madrobots also has free delivery throughout Russia for orders from 5 000 rub.

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