Comparison of 3D scanners: Shining 3D Einscan-SP vs RangeVision Spectrum

If you want to understand the simple and budget models of color 3D scanners, our review is for you. Today we will compare models RangeVision Spectrum and Shining 3D Einscan-SP – low-cost devices with high performance. In our article you will get acquainted with the characteristics of devices, their features, strengths and weaknesses, fundamental differences.

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Technical specifications 3D Einscan-SP


Technical specifications RangeVision Spectrum


Description of Einscan-SP

Einscan-SP – a 3D scanner from Shining 3D, – a Chinese developer and manufacturer of digital equipment: 3D printers3D scanners, related products. The company has been known on the world market for more than 15 years due to the high quality of its products and the active position of the manufacturer: Shining 3D devices are presented at leading industry exhibitions and are covered on thematic online and offline platforms.

Einscan-SP is an inexpensive scanner, which is one of the important advantages of the device. Other advantages of the model include: the ability to color scan, intuitive interface, easy setup. To work with small objects (up to 0.2 m), a rotary platform is used. Note that a black-and-white model when scanning on the platform is obtained in just a few minutes (the exact time depends on the capabilities of the computer).

To work with larger items – up to 1.2 m on each axis, no rotary table is used. The accuracy of the models is 50 microns.

All work items, a projector and 2 cameras are enclosed in one housing. Before starting a scan, you need to install the work module and platform on any suitable flat surface with a hard base.

Description of Spectrum

RangeVision Spectrum – Russian 3D-scanner. RangeVision has been working in the field of digital technology for over 10 years. Despite the fact that the company’s products are professional devices, the manufacturer manages to launch relatively inexpensive models on the market. Budget 3D-scanner works in black and white and color modes. Plus models – in a large working field: the device works with objects up to 3 m in size on each axis. Due to the high resolution of 60 microns, the device is used in many fields. Inexperienced users may spend a little more time setting up the device than setting up their Chinese counterpart.

Options Einscan-SP and Spectrum

In the package with the Einscan-SP scanner you will find all the necessary accessories for the job:

  • metal base;
  • a tripod – very convenient, built into the turntable;
  • calibration kit;
  • all necessary cables;
  • a package of documents.