avoiding vulnerabilities in web applications and getting to know the Firebase crash course

Daniil Shilov from DINS will tell you how to avoid vulnerabilities in web applications at the stage of coding, and Nikita Nyagu from MyOffice will share his experience of using Firebase, a tool that helps keep the architecture of the entire project in one place and makes it easier to work with DevOps.

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19: 00-19: 40 – Vulnerabilities in web applications. How can you avoid them? (Daniil Shilov, DINS)

We will talk about the dangers that can lie in wait at the stage of writing the code, how to detect them in an existing application and what tools can help with this, as well as what vulnerabilities remain after the work done.

The report will be useful both for novice frontend developers who are not yet familiar with the topic, and for experienced programmers. Together with Daniel, we will refresh our knowledge in an area that we do not work with on a regular basis.

Daniil Shilov started his career in IT as a coder for IE 5, dabbled in web design, GameDev and returned to Frontend again, in the SPA era. For the last 1.5 years he has been developing and supporting an application in React and TypeSctipt at DINS.

19: 40-20: 30 – Firebase crash course (Nikita Nyagu, MyOffice)

Participants will have a Firebase master class, during which Nikita will share his secrets on using the cloud service and offer a useful summary of the coolest features of the service. The tool developed by Google is popular in modern development due to its ease of scalability, fault tolerance, and user-friendly architecture. You will learn how to use Firebase, as well as gain skills to solve and simplify the tasks of hosting, authorization, data storage and processing.

The report will be of interest to novice frontend developers and those who want to try a new tool. The information will also be useful for QA and product managers who want to keep up with the times and use modern technologies for their projects.

Nikita Neagu For several years he has been developing user interfaces and web application architecture. For the last 2 years he has been actively using JS in creating web mail clients, calendars, task lists and modules in MyOffice.

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