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*We are talking about responses to UpWork.

ChatGPT is not just entering our lives, but is rapidly penetrating where it can be applied.

It was to be expected that ChatGPT would also break into the automation of responses to vacancies on UpWork. We needed to find a Python developer, and we asked applicants a simple question:

What is the latest Python release (including beta)?

Let’s see what the Iron Head answers to it, and then compare it with the freelancers’ answers! All answers and responses will be screenshots, so as not to distort the facts.

Beware, there are a lot of screenshots, some of them funny.

What if you just ask?

How about brotherly?

As we can see, GPT 3.5 is not particularly aware of what is there after September 2021, displays different results, and sometimes blatantly lies, and writes about 2023.

Let’s ask the iron head of the fourth version

Sometimes he doesn’t want to lie, but in general everything is the same – he doesn’t know what is there after 2021.

And now the most interesting, let’s see what the applicants answer!

It was to be expected that 30-40 percent of those who responded simply googled and copied and pasted. Well, how can you entrust such copywriters with the development of a VPN backend, which is already used by hundreds of thousands of users. Although, maybe I would also just copy-paste in such a situation …

This is what the responses of those who googled look like

And here they are, 20-25 percent stuck in 2021, along with ChatGPT. Coincidence? Don’t think!

These are also counted in the ChatGPT piggy bank

and such

I think enough screenshots, well, you understand everything. So far, at the moment, it is very easy to weed out such responses. But this is for now…

By the way, what if you ask ChatGPT about such responses?

No, ChatGPT cannot recognize that this response was made using ChatGPT, although it is obvious to the trained eye of the leather bag.

By the way, we did the job description using ChatGPT…

Do you think we are already falling into a technological singularity?

And a little humor for the end:

Brothers from Toronto offer to use their underground Python And do not try to google it, this is only for your own.

Everything is stable in Germany, no alphas, no bets, only proven and reliable 3.8!

But the Philippines is so far away, about 3 light years from us, they have a release of Python 3.8 just ahead.

I thought at the end to add a poll, which version of Python is the latest, or even hold an auction, who will write what number more. But no, there will be advertising or something similar to it.

This is after all the corporate blog of AmneziaVPN, which has risen from the dead after a deafening failure success of the last article – https://habr.com/en/companies/amnezia/articles/709108/

We have broken the bottom of habr, and scored a rating of -194 from 120K views.

So, let us remind you that we are actually a non-commercial project, we do not sell VPNs, but we make software that you can use later, with the help of which it will be possible to survive in conditions of wild blocking! And we’re crossing our fingers that we don’t have to use it, and that scenario didn’t happen. But IMHO it is coming, and it’s a matter of time when YouTube, Google and Github are blocked in the Russian Federation. And just in case, the habr will also be blocked, but the fact that there are all sorts of people like us tell how to bypass blocking.

And the poll will be like this, a question with an asterisk.

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