7 PCB manufacturers instead of JLCPCB. Where can I order boards in 2023

  • The fastest production speed of PP. The company meets the deadlines, and calmly fulfills orders in two weeks. If the boards are simple, then they can be made in 1 day. I have not seen this from any manufacturer.

  • Low marriage rate. Perhaps I was lucky: I placed urgent orders with them several times, the rejection rate is minimal.

  • Working with private ownersthrough them you can order small series and piece boards.


  • No site. It used to be, but now it looks like an update, so ordering boards now is another quest.

  • The price is not known before ordering, there is no calculator. Even when the company had a website, pricing was completely opaque: you specify all the parameters, down to technology, finish, panel options, etc. – they send you a quotation in a few days. How they thought it was not clear.

  • High price. The difference is almost the same as that of Resonit – 1.5-2 times.

7. SaiFon

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SiPhon has a full production cycle, which includes the design of printed circuit boards according to customer requirements, as well as tracing and production of prototypes.

We specialize in consumer and industrial electronics. The factory and test base are located in China.


  • Design printed circuit boards. If you do not have an engineer on staff, then this is really the way out. The company will develop a PP project and then put it into production.

  • Warranty for boards up to 12 months. This is one of the longest warranties on the market.

  • Delivery speed. A developed supply chain, simple PPs are produced and delivered in an average of 5 weeks.


  • Do not work with tolling materials.

  • Shortage of employees. This is felt by their speed of response and processing of applications. For example, when solving force majeure situations, the situation often happens like this: you ask a question – you wait for an answer for two days (the answer usually arrives in the spirit of “sent a request, they will contact you” – silence and everything in a circle.

comparison table


Where is the factory

Key value


Service Devices


• Good service: they quickly consider the CP, the manager is always in touch

• They are delivered a little faster than other companies from China.

Conscientious, price in the market, but too much bureaucracy


Russia – China

• Work with individuals

• Make boards on customer-supplied material

For me, they are very ambiguous: in terms of speed they often do not meet the stated deadlines, they are very expensive, most of the boards are made in China



• Promptly fix problems.

• With large volumes they give good price tags

They seem to be customer-oriented, but sometimes they cheat with calculations, somewhere they can make a surcharge of 1-3%



• Free shipping across Russia

• Flexible pricing

They answer for a very long time, but if the party is large, they can give additional discounts



• Prices are lower than other Russian manufacturers

• Quickly produce boards

• Work on customer-supplied material

They work fast, they are good at making simple boards, they don’t make very complex ones.



• The fastest boards are made

• Very low reject rate

They work quickly, they do well, but the cost is absolutely not transparent – they have neither a calculator nor a website



• They design printed circuit boards and do the routing themselves

• Guarantee boards up to 12 months

They answer for a long time, questions sometimes hang for several days, but on the other hand, you can order a full cycle of board production (including design) from them

I can not single out an objective result, everything is too individual. The only thing I realized for myself is that changing the supplier is not scary. The main thing is to form principles within the company in which cases it is necessary to refuse to work with the manufacturer.

For us it is:

  1. Honesty. It is important for me that the company does not try to cheat with the price, playing on courses, additionally sewn services, etc.

  2. Everyone has shoals, what matters is how the company behaves in solving the problem that has arisen. Here I also note that if the manufacturer makes mistakes systematically, we refuse their services (this is after about 3 times).

  3. If the manufacturer starts to go too far with the price tag.

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