[демаскировка фактов] Was there a stroke?

My microstroke at 23 and weight 112 kg due to sedentary work“

At the end of each article, an advertising plate on the author’s TG channel catches the eye. His previous publications also end with advertisements on TG (Later I will go there again to check some of the “inconsistencies” of the narrative).

In an article about a microstroke, Skynet briefly describes how he came to such an injury:

My experience was this. The whole school and university was engaged in martial arts + several times a week running + horizontal bar / bars.

After such an active lifestyle, with the first job as a programmer and the suspension of any sports, the first health problems began.

One morning in March 2020, I woke up with a terrible headache.

It follows from his narrative that the problems began in 2020. and he was one of those programmer.

In his debut spring 2022. article on Peekaboo: “How I became a tester in 2022 with no IT experienceSkynet, from the second sentence and the catchy title of the article, states that it was not involved in IT in any way until 2022:

In this article I will try to tell you my experience, how I became a tester in half a year with a salary of 60,000, having no previous experience in the field of IT.

Previously, I worked as a sales assistant in a computer equipment store with a lawyer’s education. I didn’t manage to get a job in a normal organization in my specialty, but I have to support myself and cover the main expenses – for this reason I went where they took me.

It turns out that the author is misleading his readers: in one article he says that he worked as a programmer ~ in 2020, and in another that he had no experience in IT until 2022.

In his last, another article, published according to the same scheme – DTF / Habr / Pikabu / VC and with a plate on Tg: “How I significantly improved my English for free in 3 years“Skynet tells how he methodically mastered foreign language:

At university and school I studied English for two hours a week. I didn’t go to a tutor. But now I speak English fluently, I read foreign literature in the original.

And in the next related topic of English article:

In my last article, I reviewed the main points that helped to me improve your English in 3 years.

Of Skynet’s two works on the English language, the reader is led astray about the author’s linguistic abilities. By clicking on the advertising link to the author’s channel in TG, we scroll the feed and see fast:

Screencast, which shows that it was not Skynet who studied English, but its subscriber (the articles are the same).
Screencast, which shows that it was not Skynet who studied English, but its subscriber (the articles are the same).

Considering the above three facts, where the author misleads readers, and also shows an aggressive marketing policy when publishing works (it is worth taking a look at user comments about his promotional plate to past articles)I believe, but do not claim that Skynet’s microstroke is less than a half-truth, and indeed skynet It’s an AI, not a human.

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