Zextras launches its own version of the Zimbra 9 Open Source mail server

July 14, 2020, Vicenza, Italy – The leading world developer of extensions for open source software Zextras has released its own version of the popular Zimbra mail server with download from its own repository and support. Zextras solutions add collaboration, communication, storage support, mobile devices, real-time backup and recovery, multi-tenant infrastructure administration to the Zimbra mail server.


Zimbra is a well-known open-source mail server used by millions of users in all sectors of the economy, government and educational institutions, and service providers around the world. The Zimbra brand is owned by the American company Synacor. In April 2020, Synacor changed its open source publishing policy. Starting with the release of Zimbra 9, the project stopped publishing the Zimbra Open Source Edition and limited itself to releasing only the commercial version of the product. This caused a backlash from the open-source Zimbra user community, and under their pressure, Synacor opened the Zimbra 9 codes to create their own builds and support them independently.

In this situation, Zextras came to the rescue of Zimbra OSE users, which, thanks to many years of development experience, created its own Zimbra 9 Open Source assembly from Zextras for this server and decided to independently support it in the future. The Zextras build is based on the source code provided by Synacor without any significant changes. Thanks to the position of Zextras, users around the world have been able to assert their right to use the latest versions of the popular product with expert support.

In addition to supporting its own Zimbra 9 Open Source branch, Zextras pleased its users with new product features: several cascading emails in the web client, advanced calendar and task functions, Zimbra chat and much more.

Zextras CEO Paolo Storty commented on his decision to support the Zimbra Open Source: “In the late 90s, I started working as a Linux system administrator. He later focused on providing open source email solutions. It was a time of hard work. The integration and support of many disparate components was a constant problem, and nights and days were spent finding the right solution. Then Zimbra appeared, and this was a turning point for me: I immediately liked the opportunity to offer a comprehensive solution in which all parts fit perfectly together. As a fan of communication systems and a fan of Open Source, I found everything I dreamed about in Zimbra. This is the reason I gave my Zimbra 9 build to continue the project, which I strongly believe in. “

→ you can download Zimbra 9 Open Source from Zextras on our website

Zextras – A leading global developer for the Zimbra OSE mail server. This is a company with ten years of experience and presence in all regions of the world. Zextras Suite adds Zimbra OSE text and video chat, redundancy, document collaboration, support for mobile devices and disk storage with a high degree of reliability and economical use of computing resources. The solution is used in the largest companies, telecom operators and cloud service providers by more than 20 million users.

For all questions related to the Zextras Suite, you can contact the representative of the company “Zextras” Ekaterina Triandafilidi by e-mail katerina@zextras.com

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