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The most awaited free VPN by our users, AmneziaFree v.2, with protection against blocking, is finally ready. We must admit that recently we have been working a lot on the self-hosted application AmneziaVPN, as well as on the AmneziaWG protocol (or in simple terms – AWG, we use it in a free VPN), so work on the AmneziaFree v.2 project took a little longer. In any case, we are very pleased that we can finally invite you to join the number of users of our free service. Everything is the same as before, without registration, advertising and time limits.

Free VPN AmneziaFree v.2 can only be used for popular sites that are inaccessible in Russia (we won’t list them, you know them yourself), the list is quite large, so most likely, what you need is in it. At the same time, sites that are not blocked in Russia will open directly, without a VPN. That is, directly from your IP address.

AmneziaFree version 1 is a free VPN based on the WireGuard protocol that we launched back in 2022. During its operation, more than 250 thousand users joined us and we are grateful to you for a lot of positive feedback and for staying with us despite WireGuard being blocked by some mobile and regional operators. We worked hard on the protocol blocking issue and eventually decided to upgrade WireGuard to create the AmneziaWG protocol based on it. It has the same performance speed as regular WireGuard, but is protected from detection and blocking. We wrote about how it works in this articleyou can also find detailed information at our website. AmneziaWG became an excellent replacement for WireGuard, so we decided to use it for the AmneziaFree v.2 project, and with it our own free open source application AmneziaVPN.

Now let's move on to the fun part, how to download and use a free VPN.

  1. Subscribe to our Telegram channel – t.me/amnezia_vpn_news_ru. This is our only connection with you. We do not send spam or advertising, only really important news about AmnesiaFree v.2.

  1. Download the Amnesia app https://amnezia.org/ru/downloads for your device.

  1. Follow the link to Telegram-bot – https://t.me/free_vpn_amnezia_bot select /start in the menu, and the bot will display the config.

  1. Open the config using Amnezia (on a smartphone you need to click on the config and select “open with”, on a personal computer just click on the file), then click on the large “Connect” button in the application on the main screen.

You can use and tell others about AmnesiaFree.

In general, there is nothing more to say regarding this service, so we will share our upcoming events regarding the AmneziaVPN application itself:

  • XRay is coming, literally this or next week there will be a beta release with its support

  • We are making separate VPN tunneling by application, it will be available for Windows and Android.

  • We release native AmnesiaWG clients for Android and iOS.

Join our group on Telegram – https://t.me/amnesia_vpn and on Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/AmneziaVPN/and see you again!

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