YuMoney is the new name of Yandex.Money

Yandex.Money is changing its brand – the electronic payment service will soon be called YuMoney… Yandex.Checkout payment solution for business will change its name to YuKassa… The company will completely switch to the new brand after December 15, 2020, and until then, the new and old brands will be used simultaneously.

The new brand reflects the company’s values ​​as the leader in the electronic money market in Russia. The new logo is based on the word “money” typed in Latin and the Cyrillic letter “U” made up of an apostrophe and a circle. There are many meanings in this writing of the letter. The letter is convex and emotional, the circle symbolizes the coin. The readable Latin I and O – Input / Output – a reference to the company’s technological DNA. The same is said by one and zero – a binary code. The company developed the new brand independently.

The main task of the service remains professional assistance to users so that people can easily and quickly pay for goods and services, and companies can accept online payments and develop their business using modern technologies.

YuMoney will improve existing products and services that the company has launched under the Yandex.Money and Yandex.Kassa brands. Users will still be able to create electronic wallets, issue virtual or plastic cards to them. UKassa will continue to provide fast and secure payments for companies and other business-friendly solutions. YuMoney will grow as part of the Sberbank ecosystem and will add to the number of existing services the capabilities and payment methods that are already available to a number of ecosystem companies – Sberbank ID, SberPay, Pay QR, etc. YuMoney will expand its line of cards, plan to improve its loyalty program, and launch new products for businesses and users independently and together with other companies in the ecosystem.

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