Your personal palantir. Ivideon Cute Camera

The wizard Saruman from The Lord of the Rings monitored events with the help of the all-seeing Palantir – and lost his mind. What he did not have was a cloud platform with video analytics, which would simply be configured and save important points. The Ivideon Cute smart camera is just such a gadget that installs video surveillance of a home, office, store in five minutes. Or behind a small fortress where you plant a private army of orcs.

We tell you what camera applications we managed to find.

The sweetest of cameras

Ivideon Cute looks charming, in perfect harmony with its name. The gadget is more like a microphone than a surveillance camera – because of the shape and speaker grille on top. However, minimalistic design is not a new trend in video surveillance. Alas and oh, it’s time to say goodbye to the noir fantasies of The Matrix. Our cyberpunk dystopia is reminiscent of Apple ads.

Cute – “big-eyed” baby, sees even in the dark. Here are the specifications:

  • dimensions 7.6 × 6.5 × 10.7 mm
  • weight 140 grams
  • viewing angle 125 °
  • 1.3 MP matrix, video resolution 1280 × 960
  • there is an IR LED for night vision, up to 10 m
  • built-in microphone and speaker

The camera stand with a hinge and rotates a little more than 90 degrees. The stand has a strong magnet, so that the camera is fixed on the refrigerator and does not fall off. For non-metallic surfaces, fasteners are included. Important Note: The device is intended for indoor use only, not outside.

The camera is powered by a USB cable and a “native” adapter. It also works from a bank. But in practice, not every external battery gets such a trick. Plus, Cute needs Wi-Fi to work, not every router can be powered independently. The microUSB input is located on the back of the camera, and on the bottom cover there is a microSD card slot (the card is not included).

The video quality is good. The sound is a little fonty, but the words are distinguishable. The microphone built into the camera does not require any fuss with the settings. The camera works with the Ivideon application: for PCs based on Windows, Mac, Linux, for a browser and mobile for iOS / Android.

A smartphone is enough for the device to work. All settings come down to installing the application, turning on the camera and showing the QR code from the application in its lens. One Cute Camera connects to one account for free.

Ivideon has several “home” tariffs with different levels of access to functionality. The camera detects movement in the frame or sound using a microphone. Reacts, records the video and sends a notification in accordance with the user’s settings. The storage periods, the duration of the clips and the number of users with whom you can share access to a specific device differ:

OnlineCloud 1Cloud 10Cloud 30
0 rub / month199 rub / month299 rub / month499 rub / month
Record 10 second event clips to the cloudThe event is written to the entire cloud.
Roller kept dayDaily event recording10 days event recording30 days event recording
Access for 2 add. of usersAccess for 4 ext. of users
Export videos up to 1 hour longExport video up to 1 hourExport video up to 2 hoursExport video up to 2 hours
Smart notifications of movement and sounds

The captured video will be recorded locally on the memory card, and is available remotely through the Ivideon application. A paid account expands the possibilities: store video in the cloud and connect more cameras to your account.

Why do you need a cute smart camera?

Watching the house like a fortress

  • Cute’s first camera client is a tenant. A smart gadget will protect it from dishonest hosts. How to find out that the landlord came while the tenants are not at home? We put a camera at home, send it to a corner with valuable property, turn on notifications. Profit: now the tenant will know whether uninvited guests have visited him.

  • Another useful use is baby monitor for children. Cute works in the dark and will receive a notification that the child has woken up, is moving uneasily and screaming. Through the camera, you can remotely reassure the baby, or ask the negligent student to turn off the PS4 and sit down for lessons.
  • In the same sense, Cute is useful for “parents” of pets. The camera will keep the restless puppy company and even let him speak with him so that the Ball would not be bored alone. The case of one tap in the application! At night, a keen lens takes off all the adventures of a domestic cat, which steals balls from a Christmas tree, like a furry poltergeist. The resulting video can be exported and uploaded to YouTube, to the delight of cat lovers.

  • Those who has already hired other people to look after the children, or to clean, repair and repair the house, the camera will be even more useful. Cute will help to make sure that the tutor is not yelling at the child, the team of workers is really making repairs, and the cleaning service employees have not thrown their favorite T-shirt into the trash. Evidence of misconduct will remain on the card.
  • Cute come in handy. to monitor older relatives. This is a sad topic, however, people who hire a nurse for their parents will understand the full value of the device. It is enough to put the camera in front of the bed to always know when the nurse came and went, how she takes care of her, doesn’t miss the prescribed procedures. And it’s always easier to talk through the speaker than forcing an older person to pick up the phone.

Small Business Camera

Ivideon Cloud – More Serious Than One Mobile App. The system finds people by their faces, recognizes queues and fraud at the checkout, considers customers. These services are included in the business tariff and involve dozens of cameras. In the case of a tiny nail salon, travel agency or mini-cafe, it’s more logical to put one camera with a wide overview and notifications: like Cute.

The camera will track the time of arrival and departure of employees, as well as the appearance of customers. The sensitivity of the motion detection is adjusted so that Cute reports about every rustle – or does not disturb over trifles.

Through Cute, you can send a message to employees and immediately hear their answer. That is, to remotely and effectively control the work. This is easy for the camera owner or two assistants with access to the device.

With infrared illumination, the device is able to monitor a dark warehouse. Warnings about movement and extraneous sounds are triggered with or without light.

To summarize: the Ivideon Cute smart camera is suitable for a wide range of tasks. She notices movement and sound, sees in the dark and provides two-way audio communication. The camera will cope with video surveillance at home, in the office, in the store and in any other small room.

Good news for those who are fond of keeping an eye on the Orc home army. In our online store, until February 14, 2020, the Ivideon Cute camera acts on the camera 20% off by promotional code HABRCUTE. Discount Price: 3,990 3 192 rub.

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