Your call is very important: how scammers tried to impose a loan on me

Recently, it seems that scammers have started calling even more often than friends and acquaintances. I somehow even got used to the allegedly security service of the allegedly “Sberbank”, which is interested in whether I made a transfer to Ivan I. from Novosibirsk. But then they called with a new call for me: this time about a loan. Perhaps some of you have even come across a similar scheme, but personally, this is the first time.

So, in the midst of the working day, the bell rang. At the other end there was a girl who introduced herself as a junior specialist at Sberbank (where is the security service ?!). She said that I applied for a consumer loan yesterday.

Naturally, there was no real request from me, and what this conversation was leading to became immediately apparent. But I decided to talk to her a little longer: I wanted to hear exactly how they would try to deceive me. Besides, it’s a trifle, but it’s nice – while I’m talking to a fraudster, she won’t be able to call someone else.

He entered the image and anxiously replied that he had not issued any loans and that he needed to somehow cancel the application. My answer clearly got into the script of the operators-bred, and the girl began to read out the questions from the list in order to get my personal data.

What the scammers talked to me about

The mood was good, so I decided to regularly answer the scammers’ questions and give them the opportunity to catch at least something:

– How many cards do you have in our bank? What is the remainder of them? What was the last operation?

– Um … there is only one card, I use it periodically, but, unfortunately, I don’t remember the amount.

– Does anyone else have access to cards and account?

– My wife and mother also have the data.

– Is there a savings account or deposit?

Here I decided to give free rein to imagination and said that I had 3 million rubles on the deposit. Well, why not?

There was a fuss at the other end … and then the girl continued:

– Are there accounts in other banks?

He replied that there is an account with Vnesheconombank. The name of one of the largest state corporations (VEB) clearly did not bother her, and she recorded “… an economy bank.”

Then they clarified my year of birth. And, although the girl was 10 years old was mistaken, I confirmed her age.

Word by word, and we figured out that my personal data had been compromised. However, how exactly this happened, the girl did not elaborate: he gave the card to his wife and stole it from her, went to a phishing site and entered the data himself … But what’s the difference.

They promised to help me and switched to a senior specialist.

After about 10 seconds of waiting (if only the support service of a real bank would answer just as quickly!), Another female voice answered me. In her version, my false statement was issued not “yesterday” but “today”. But nobody pays attention to such trifles. Well, I “didn’t pay” either.

We continued our conversation – this time more substantive. I was asked the address of the branch in which I usually discuss, and offered to go through the procedure of identification as a client of “Sebranka” by card or contract number.

Here I, of course, tensed a little, since I did not want to mention these numbers at all. He said that I do not remember the contract number, but I can’t find the card quickly.

I didn’t want to end the conversation on such a note, and I said that I had to call my bank manager to clarify the contract number. This did not bother my interlocutor, and she said that she had recorded all the data, and then law enforcement officers should contact me to resolve the situation.

What should have happened next

At that moment everything fell into place – I had already heard about this scheme. Its peculiarity is that you give money to the scammers directly into their hands.

According to the intruders’ plans, I had to go to that very nearest bank branch and get a loan. They didn’t manage to tell me the amount – apparently, it should have been calculated from 3 million rubles, which are (in fact, not) in my account.

Further the most interesting thing: false representatives of law enforcement agencies should have contacted me. To cancel the loan application, I had to transfer money to them so that they … return it back to the bank! I don’t know how I was supposed to transfer the money: transfer it to a card, account or transfer it in a package under cover of night on the playground. The latter, they say, also happens.

I decided to end the experiment with the words: “Can I call the police so that they talk to your law enforcement officers?” The woman did not like this question, but she restrained herself and said that, of course, I can. Then I offered her to find a good job, where there would be no need to deceive people. As expected, she hung up.

By the way, the call was from the number + 7-499-009-10-76.

What did i do after

To immediately understand who is calling, I use caller ID applications. For example, from “Kaspersky” or Yandex. They show not just the number, but the “legend” of the subscriber. They did not have the number of “my” scammers in their database, and I added it with the hashtag “scam”.

It seems that this divorce is obvious and you definitely will not fall for it. But some schemes are very thoughtful and tricky (I have already told you how sellers tried to throw me on Avito and Yula services).

In a word, do not lose your vigilance and be on the alert.

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