You can’t just pick and choose a speaker system: more than ten expert guides, tests and reviews

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We turn again to the expertise collected in our “Hi-Fi World”. Earlier we looked where audio equipment is produced, told about theory and practice of DIY acoustics and customization home theater… This time – we decided to share with you guides on the selection of acoustics.

Photo: Jeff Sheldon. Source:
Photo: Jeff Sheldon. Source:

How to choose the right speaker system… Experts “What Hi-Fi?” share recommendations and sparkling metaphors in a guide for those who are just starting to get acquainted with the topic of Hi-Fi acoustics. To do this, there is everything you need here: a glossary with basic terms and important nuances that you should know before starting the selection of acoustics, plus – answers to the following questions. How to approach the location of the speaker system in the interior, taking into account the dimensions of the latter. What acoustics to look at? What you need to take with you to the store for trial listening? How to communicate with sellers? Here you will find comments on these points and more, as well as tips on how to place acoustics at home.

Active and passive acoustics: which is better… Background material from journalists “What Hi-Fi?” will help you quickly figure out what’s what. We recommend that you scroll through and study it in order to be on the same page with consultants in stores who will recommend something to you. If you yourself understand “theory», The process of selecting the right acoustics will be many times more effective.

How to choose columns: additional criteria… Moving from general points to specific ones – in Barnsly’s note you will find a basic classification of acoustics by cost, a discussion of differences and features depending on the country of origin, a few words about the form factor of systems and the selection of amplifiers. In addition – compact speaker story – how they are arranged, what the design of the diffuser can be, what are the alternative types of radiators and different options for acoustic design – the so-called “cabinets”.

What to look at… Edition “What Hi-Fi?” shares a selection of budget acoustically Hi-Fi class. These are the featured models of 2020: ELAC Debut B5.2 no location requests and accurate sound, even more affordable DALI Spektor 2 and a dozen other systems. For each, the experts of the magazine provide “passport data” and share their opinions about the “pros” and “cons”.

In addition, we published two compact reviews: the first was prepared for speakers ELAC Debut Reference DBR62, a second – for DALI Oberon 3… We also recommend that you study our top-5 speaker systems, formed based on the preferences of Audiomania’s clients.

Thirty-two recommendations for Sonos… An expert review of the capabilities of a multi-room speaker system – from integration with existing acoustics to the use of various streaming services. How to fall asleep to music? What do you need to listen to podcasts? Why is Trueplay needed? How does voice control work here? Can I connect an external DAC? All questions are answered by the experts of the publication “What Hi-Fi?”

We look at the wireless Denon Home 150/250/350… SalonAV experts talk about the conceptual turn of the multi-zone line towards the “classic” HEOS changers. They brought with them support for more streaming services, familiar interfaces with new expandability, and excellent audio synchronization. The article contains an opinion about each of the three models and the corresponding “passport data”.

Alien guests: Technics Ottava S SC-C50 and SC-C30… We study these audio systems with the help of journalists. In this article, they share their vision of what these models offer in terms of design, usability and sound. Here you will find a huge number of noticed nuances, a discussion of technological stuffing like the auto-calibration of Space Tune and everything related to the synchronization and playback of content.

Features of Sony HT-ZF9 soundbar… Another review from, which includes an expert analysis of design points, numerous “communication capabilities” and various sound modes of the system. How was Vertical Surround Engine rated? Did the virtual speakers handle Dolby Atmos content? What did listening to “highrezes” from a flash drive show? Conclusions, advantages and disadvantages of the model – follow the link.

Two polo tests: ELAC Vela BS 403 and ELAC Carina BS journalists have prepared a couple of detailed reviews of acoustic systems from a well-known German company. IN first the flagship model is presented, its design features are disassembled and the listening experience is detailed. In second – miniature shelves suitable for home theater and for playing a wide variety of audio compositions. What can you say about their sound and specificity? Read in the material.

How to add a subwoofer to your stereo system… We can help you complement bookshelf speakers or compact floor standing speakers. We will tell you what offers on the market should be considered the necessary minimum; what to consider when choosing a sub; what are the decent models for reasonable money; what you need to know about interfaces, form factor and system positioning.

Best Bowers & Wilkins speakers of 2020… We discuss budget and premium models, shelves and floor stands of this brand together with the experts of “What Hi-Fi?” Here you will find eight of the most noteworthy models with characteristics and details about what they are good for and what, on the contrary, can turn the buyer off. The selection contains both acoustics around thirty, and slightly less accessible brothers over seventy with more.

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