Yii News 2022 Issue 2

Hi all!

Alexander is with you again. The last issue was on the second of May and after that there was silence. Once again, not because nothing happened, but quite the contrary. Everything happened at once. At the end of September, I went to a conference and, instead of returning home to my family, ended up in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. That’s where I’m writing this post from.

In terms of development, the progress is excellent despite what is happening in the world in general and in the countries of the team members in particular.

And now let’s move on to interesting events that have occurred since the last news release.

Team, Foundation and Community

  • @yiiliveext left the team. From the whole team thanks for the input and really great code and solutions.

  • Launched Telegram channel in English.

  • English version of Yii Chronicles not enough to renew. If you want to do this, write. Russian version alive and regularly updated.

  • Fund spending more than income. Actively buying more time for Yii3 team members. Now they are Alexey Rogachev, Wilmer Arambula and Rustam Mamadaminov. In this mode, the funds will be enough for about a month and a half.

  • Team members have launched several blogs: Viktor Babanov, Alexander Makarov.

  • We are looking for those who want to take care of support and releases of Yii2. The main goals are bug fixes and more frequent releases.


  • Created your GitHub actions repository to avoid duplication and make it easier to update actions in packages.

  • Composer require checker now checks transitive dependencies of our packages. Such dependencies are a bad thing.

  • Rector helps us keep our code up to date when we raise the minimum PHP version. Works in tandem with StyleCI, which rules the style of the code.

🔷 Yii 1

🔷 Yii 2


🔶 Yii 3

🎁 New stable packages:

More packages are on the way. Now the main goal is the validator. The release is coming soon, and I can safely say that this is one of the most difficult packages for us. It was more or less ready already in May, but we didn’t really like its architecture. Since:

  • We separated the rules and their handlers. Dependencies are now automatically pulled in handlers.

  • Added “composite” rule. It allows you to combine other rules. Removed GroupRule.

  • The rules have been improved. Cleaned up the syntax. Everything became more logical and uniform. Ended support for attributes and nested validation.

  • Cleaned up interfaces and general syntax.

  • Understood with translations of lines.

🎁 Pack updates:

❌ Some packages have been marked as deprecated and archived:

📚 News, articles and tools

❤️ Thank you!

I want to say thank you to all the sponsors and developers who made the development of Yii 3 possible. Together we will succeed!

  • CraftCMS – Excellent OpenSource CMS on Yii2.

  • Onetwist Software – Quality application development services.

  • SkillShare – Learning new skills.

  • dmstr – Cloud solutions based on Docker.

  • humhub – OpenSource solutions for team communication.

  • jetbrains – Great development tools.

  • Mighty – Design and webtech.

  • Emberware – Digital transformation services.

  • Dudesqare – Web Studio.

  • EFKO Group – foodtech, food production, and venture investments. More recently also EFKO Digital Solutions, a separate growing service IT company, which plans to deal not only with EFKO’s internal projects.

  • PELock – Software protection and licensing.

  • Italian Linux Society – Italian association promoting Linux, free and open source software.

  • Icons8 – Shop for icons, illustrations, photography, music and designer tools.

Special thanks to AHost both for investing in the fund and for personally sponsoring Rustam Mamadaminov for several months.

In addition to the above, we are supported individual developers and other companies.

👍 Special thanks to those who helped Yii 3 with code:

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