Yii News 2021 Issue 4

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

With you Alexander Makarov and the latest Yii news release.

There were not many newscasts this year. This fourth. But there was really a lot done. Despite the fact that the year turned out to be not easy, I think that the overall progress is excellent:

We plan to start 2022 with:

  • Package releases.

  • Optimizing performance.

  • Writing a guide.

  • Updates on the site.

  • Articles about Yii3.

  • And, probably, something else amusing.

Now let’s move on to interesting events that have occurred since the last news release.


The foundation allowed us to work again with Alexey Rogachev… He was already on the team in 2017 and then helped a lot with Yii2. He is currently working on a radical improvement. API documentation generator for Yii2 and updates the site along the way, correcting errors. He will probably join the work on Yii3 later.

Another big news – now you can help the Yii fund in cryptocurrency

PHP 8.1

WITH PHP 8.1 release we started updating compatibility with it Yii1, Yii2 and Yii3. The hardest part get old PHPUnit to work with 8.1 did longthanhtran… Now it takes some more time to fix the compatibility itself.

🔷 Yii 1

🔷 Yii 2

Both the basic application template and the advanced template now work better with code completion in PhpStorm. Vagrant in advanced template has been updated to PHP 7.4.

There is also a new extension. This adapter for symfony mailer

🔶 Yii 3

New stable packages:

Package updates:

Removed packages:

I have decided not to list patch releases in the list and not to post news about them on the site. It takes time, and the content there turns out to be not very interesting.

And more interesting:

New and updated documentation

News & Articles

❤️ Thank you!

I want to say thank you to all the sponsors and developers who made the development of Yii 3 possible. Together we will succeed!

  • CraftCMS – Excellent OpenSource CMS on Yii2.

  • Onetwist Software – Quality application development services.

  • SkillShare – Learning new skills.

  • Betteridge – Jewelry.

  • dmstr – Cloud solutions based on Docker.

  • Humhub – OpenSource solutions for team communication.

  • JetBrains – Great development tools.

  • Skin.Club – Market of skins for CS: GO.

  • EFKO Group – food tech, food manufacturing, and venture capital investments. More recently, EFKO Digital Solutions is also a separate growing IT service company that plans to deal not only with EFKO’s internal projects.

In addition to those listed, we are supported by individual developers and other companies

Special thanks to those who helped Yii 3 with code:

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