WYSIWYG habr editor is the worst I’ve seen

I saw articles in which the authors expressed their indignation about the WYSIWYG editor of the habr, but I did not attach much importance to them because I am only a reader and do not write articles, and therefore I do not use the editor. But in the last few days I suddenly wanted to write, and besides, this idea has been visiting me for a long time. Therefore, I decided not to bother too much and started writing an article right in the editor on the site. This was my fatal mistake …

Honestly, I couldn’t even imagine how horrible Habr has an editor. For a long time I saw the news that it is being tested, implemented, etc. and I just don’t understand how there can be SO many bugs in the editor in such a long period of testing and development. They are just everywhere, at every turn. And this is not to mention that the editor itself is inconvenient.

You can immediately say “So just don’t use it and write the article in a convenient editor.” It makes sense, but the question is WHY IS THE WYSIWYG EDITOR ON HABRA?

Instead of empty words, I recorded small demos in which I reproduce the bugs found in literally 15 minutes of using the editor. Also, for clarity, I turned on the display of the keys I pressed. Go!

I encountered all the bugs listed below in real conditions, i.e. in the process, I did not have to perform any tricky actions to reproduce them, I just used the editor

Permanently delete almost the entire first paragraph

I was writing the first paragraph, and at one point I decided to replace the first word with a slightly different one. But when I deleted it but accidentally pressed Backspace once again (I did not know that it would be so!) and eventually lost all the information that I wrote. Ctrl + Z didn’t help. Sadly.

Dumb formatting

I applied formatting Код By the way, I want to continue typing normally, but I can’t, because it applies to all the following words that I write. The right arrow doesn’t even help. Sadly.

Working with code

I inserted JS code into a special element and saw a point that I want to fix, but I don’t want to go back to the IDE. Therefore, I decide to do it right in this editor. I need to move the comment to another place and I naively hope that I can do it easily. In addition, during this I found a visual bug in which part of the code is simply not visible. Going back to the comment, I select the code, press Ctrl + X and … all the code is deleted. Sadly

Here’s another example of a bug with code

Other bugs

The menu opening garbage disappears
The menu opening garbage disappears
Bug with dragging paragraphs
Bug with dragging paragraphs
And what, so it was possible or what?
And what, so it was possible or what?

Of course, these are far from all the bugs that are in the editor, I think it makes no sense for me to continue this list and record demos, let the developers also strain a little and test at least a little

Damn, even while writing this I ran into several image loading bugs …

I’m just wondering, does one of me have this? Or is there something wrong with my Google Chrome 96.0.4664.93? And do the developers even know about these ridiculous bugs?

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