Writing ‘Hello World’ in WebAssembly, Linux sed cheat sheet, and 15 most requested IT certifications of the year

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  • Linux sed cheat sheet
    SED (Stream EDitor) is a streaming text editor that processes the input stream (file) line by line.

  • Free Developer Sandbox for OpenShift
    This is your personal OpenShift in the cloud, in just a couple of minutes and without any installation whatsoever. Designed specifically for developers, it includes Helm diagrams, Red Hat builder images, s2i build tools, and CodeReady Workspaces, a web-based cloud IDE.

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  • Virtual Red Hat Summit 2021, April 27-28
    The free online Red Hat Summit is a great way to hear the latest news from the IT industry, ask technical experts, hear success stories directly from Red Hat customers, and see how open source is driving enterprise innovation.

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