Writing a panic button for Android (Part 1)

In this part I will briefly talk about the motives and how the development began. My name is Alexey and I wish you a pleasant reading!


Everything happened here more than spontaneously on a winter evening – at that time I was still a junior java developer with no more than two months of experience leafing through the news. And without mentioning the terrible events of that time – I was just excited by the news saying something like this: “A young man’s phone was detained and was put in prison for subscribing to the channel.” This gave me a kick to think about how data is generally protected on android. And here, rather, the question is not about encrypting the storage, not about backdoors from a “good company”, but simply in emergency situations. After all, any password, in principle, can be obtained from the owner, and in many ways. And any person can do this just by looking at it or picking it up. In search of a solution to this problem, I found only one application (Ripple) – but its functionality left much to be desired, given that the project has not been officially updated for 2 years …
Realizing that there is no such thing, I got the idea to create such an application, at least for myself.

First versions

After only 2-3 days – I got the most crude version that could only delete applications whose package names I entered manually – quickly and quietly. And everything was launched with a separate icon or inside the application.



Despite the fact that the application was written completely for myself, some of my friends liked it, the word of mouth effect worked, requests for new functions began to arrive, and I decided to publish the application to the masses and on specials. forums


At the very beginning, my “acquaintances”, acquaintances of “acquaintances” began to ask me to add new functions, here is a small list of them
• Deleting folders and files
ВЂ Clearing application data instead of deleting by switch
• Fully customizable shortcut
• Application “trick” – launch the selected application while uninstallation is in progress
• Ability to start deleting via SMS
• File encryption
• Integration with messengers
• Photo with wrong pincode
• Reset to factory settings
And much more. And not without pride – I realized them all! And this is probably only half of the functions of the latest version at the time of this writing. Of course, I gained experience while developing such a multitool, but nowhere and nowhere without bugs, although I seem to fix it quickly)

Demhack 2

Perhaps it is worthwhile to separate the hackathon from RosKomSvoboda – after all, it is incredibly difficult to write something like this on one desire and honest word without proper motivation. I wrote many of the main functions there, for which I probably got first place in one of the two categories, and the prize served as a motivator.

I’ll tell you about the current version in the next part, but for now I’m waiting for your comments!

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