Wrike Twitter Conferencing: 280 Character Cyberpsychology

Offline conferences are good in their own way: you can catch several reports during the day, talk on the sidelines with speakers and exchange experiences with like-minded people whom we see for the first time.

And what exactly cannot be done at conferences is to listen to all the reports at once, ask a question to the speaker a week after the speech (well, unless you find it on social networks) and squeeze out the very essence of the report (theoretically, you can, but you need to try).

The pandemic crippled not only personal communication, but also formats – online conferences with talking heads got bored back in March, and questions in the chat may forever remain unanswered.

At Wrike, we got creative and reimagined the conference format – we are hosting ours directly on Twitter! Rest assured that no question will remain unanswered. Moreover, you can ask a question in the thread after the end of the conference.

What conference and what does twitter have to do with it?

The format of the event is very simple. On September 29, at 17-00, we start the twitter broadcast in the @wriketechclub account. Every half hour one speaker “tells” his report through several tweets: 1 tweet = 1 thesis and slide. You can ask questions, argue and comment in the thread even after the end of the twitter conference: the speakers will still not go anywhere from the Internet 🙂

We will discuss cyberpsychology – interaction with online teams, power, team leadership, online activities during a pandemic and how to survive on the Internet in general. Of course, you know the speakers:

For the best questions, we will give away books on soft skills and send them anywhere in the world.

In order not to miss anything, subscribe to our twitter… We are waiting for you on September 29 at 17-00!

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