Work in the OneDrive cloud on your math homework

The purpose of this article is to showcase working in the cloud.

As I understood from the responses to the previous article, many parents need a demonstration of the capabilities of one of the cloud applications, for example, MS Word 2016 for interacting with a teacher and a student.

For example, for the issuance of homework, demonstration of this homework lying in a directory in the cloud and on the “School Portal”, the solution of this task by a child inside a cloudy environment. Let’s take a look at a number of screenshots.

First screenshot: user “mother” connects to the cloud storage and sees the first connection inside this storage.

Screenshot number two: you need to activate the mailbox by selecting the correct level of this mailbox to create an account inside the cloud OneDrive server.

After activating your mailbox, an account will be selected to interact with this account later, when you install the OneDrive product and go inside your account to sync your files.

After entering the office, after passing the authorization, we receive a screenshot with a complete list of office products – and it doesn’t matter if your device is mobile or stationary.

This is shown in screenshot number five. In screenshot number six, you can see that if you go directly to the portal now, you will see its new version of MS Office, you will see a collection of new icons and new OneDrive applications.

To Microsoft’s credit, icons and apps are regularly updated. The Office 2016 application is also updated, and we will work within the Office 2016 paradigm today. This can be seen in screenshot number six.

In screenshot number seven, we again select an account and go inside our application to work directly with cloud technologies. You need to have two things: on the one hand, the cloud application, and on the other, the cloud files.

How exactly to create cloud files, we discussed in the previous article.

This article assumes that we already have the files – there is a ready-made task that we need to solve.

By dragging and dropping files here, we submit our homework and can issue the assignment. For example, the task for our child, which is called “Solve the equation.”

We get the opportunity to share it to the required number of people or, respectively, to the group. After the group is shared, to solve this problem, it is necessary to establish access to the user that we have, and we will allow access to information about the task and to personal files, for example, to our mother.

Then our mother is accessed – our mother will be able to read and write to this file by editing its cloud copy.

And we open the file and get a copy from the link, which serves us to be able to edit a regular file inside the cloud.

As you can see, the set of applications that can be used and involved in this is very large. There is not only Excel, there is also a very useful thing called Calendar, Share Point, Power Point and all other technologies that can be actively introduced into the educational process for its further automation. This is shown in screenshot number fourteen.

In screenshot number fifteen, we can see that a shared file has been created and there is an equation in this shared file.

We can solve our homework and give this equation to our teacher to test. Screenshot number sixteen shows the creation of an empty document in the case when we first go in and display the data on the creation of this equation.

Screenshot number seventeen shows that we are here, in the school portal directory, we see the ability not only to create a file, but also to view this file from the school portal interface.

This is very convenient when switching to OneDrive – the teacher (or mom) will be able to see what tasks the child was doing today and demonstrate these tasks to the child. This is screenshot number seventeen.

In screenshot number eighteen, we go into our child’s directory and see that we have files. These files were changed by us in the screenshot number nineteen.

We send the open file with the solved task to mom for verification in screenshot number twenty.

And we again see the already solved equation, we see that the child has solved it and uploaded it to the corresponding directory of the school portal.

Screenshot number twenty-one is the result of our work, the answer that the teacher can see. Or mom can see it from a mobile device, check the received answer in the usual way!

With this short article, we have confirmed that there is tight integration between School Portal and cloud applications. Cloud applications can be used for normal work. Now we have reviewed one of these applications. This application worked out the transfer of information inside the cloud, from children to mom and teacher. The result of the work can also be collected, comments can be written while working in cloud environments. The result of the work and the results of the check are posted, the assessments are posted inside the “School portal”. We must pay tribute to the creators of the portal – they have a very good product that can replace a large number of applications. Applications may not be installed on the personal computer. And files can be synchronized with the whole directory of a personal computer, checked both on stationary and mobile devices. The work of all students in the school class, even at the time of quarantine, is traceable, because there is such a good communication environment that we can share!

If you are interested in similar actions with the OneNote app, watch the awesome video at blog Microsoft.

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