Work and communication remotely. How to do it effectively

My name is Mikhail Azarenka and I have been working remotely for 10 years (nstarted before it was mainstream). In this article I will share my experience and vision about working with a team and the psychological aspect of working in 4 walls. Of course, my personal experience will be through the lens of working from home and in the position of managing owner. Go.

How to get used to remote work and what challenges it holds

Few office workers understand that remote work is, first of all, work. And it’s one thing when you work in several offices around the country and the world, and another thing when you work from home, a cafe or a coworking space. Therefore, good perseverance, interest, self-control, etc. are required. (underline what is necessary because one quality is enough) to carry out your affairs and plans, and not hang out on cats, YouTubers and so on.

Similar problems apply to the free daily routine. The best solution would be to introduce yourself daily ritualsthat we do while working in the office. For example, this is a rise at 7.00, then 30 minutes for a shower and coffee, a small snack and a news feed, and at 8.00 we sit down and start working.

It seems like a trifle, but if you practice this every day, then the body gets used to it and at 8.00 we are maximally assembled and ready for the working day.

At all, the power of habit and ritual is indescribable. Just 15 minutes of reading before bed is enough to … but more on that another time.

If you sit in four walls for more than 24 hours, then depression begins to develop (tested on myself and read, but I can’t find the source, we’ll take it on faith) so I highly recommend leave the house every day. Not only on business or home-car-work-car-home. Be sure to dilute it with walks, sports, it’s good to have a dog or a child for these purposes (no, well, this is cruel, I agree. But it works!).

Just for these purposes, many years ago I deduced my schedule in such a way that Mon Wed Fri I have sports, and Tue and Thu I do music. This schedule sometimes goes differently … but the meaning is clear. A concrete plan is nothing, planning is everything.

Remote work is not about high and freedom, it’s about responsibility and self-control. Personally, this is quite difficult for me, so I make promises. This is my main hack. After all, having given the word, I just can’t help but keep it.

Complexities and problems of remote communications

If in the office you can approach or ask and the person is often right there, then during correspondence, even during working hours, this efficiency may not be. This is important to understand. Therefore, there must be a channel for emergency communication – call to personal phone. So these contacts must be in quick access.

We are in personal contact we don’t always understand each other, and we can even read correspondence with different emotions and intonations. This must always be taken into account. Therefore, in addition to courses on emotional intelligence and the development of empathy, I recommend live phone calls with video communication.

Phone call and personal conversation only, which will save from discrepancies. You must hear and see the person/team, then the effectiveness of communication will increase significantly, and misfires will be minimal.

Tools for easy communication

To be honest, not all the tools on this list have been tested by me. But I googled, looked and I will try to give exactly the meaning, and what to choose for you – decide for yourself.

My experience shows that you can build a business without a single personal conversation with employees, but time does not stand still and now I think that we should be closer. Especially with people close to you at work (7 closest colleagues, subordinates – effective communication and management). It’s fast and efficient.

Zoom, skype and other videos – for calls and conversations with voice.

If it is important to keep the history of correspondence and the most familiar format for communicating with people from outside – mail. Do not forget to make backups of local folders with important.

Inside the team, it is better to use some important chat on a task or project, where only important conversations will be held exclusively on work issues. Most convenient telegram, slack and other options (add in the comments – + to karma personally from me)

It’s better not to regulate communication between yourself and employees at all, but it’s worth inducing everyone to one system, it’s corny convenient. Though VK, viber or, God forbid, ICQ. The main thing is that everyone was in one place, it was fast and convenient.

But I will not consider communication in CRM systems here, because this is correspondence and logging of working moments. Of course, this is also an important communication, but not in this helmet.

Proper setting and tracking of tasks

You have to learn to set tasks correctly, avoid double interpretations and show what you want to see.

Nothing better or easier SMART not yet invented: any task must be specific, measurable, achievable, meaningful and limited in time. We won’t go into details, but it doesn’t hurt to google. It’s worth it.

Track the completion of a task over time, especially the first time. Otherwise, there is a risk of … wasting time for nothing (there is a case in practice when the secretary in the office did nothing for half a day, because no one told her the password for the new WI-FI router, and she didn’t even think to say that she had any kind of then the problem just sat and stuck to the monitor). You can walk past it live and see it, but remotely – you need to make control requests and views of the work or process done. The main thing is to feel the line between control and banal surveillance.

If there are moments with learning and delegation, then there is one cool topic that he shared with me Denis modesco. The whole process is divided into 3 parts: I do – you look, we do together, you do – I look.

In this way, I actually trained people and left the work to them, then only occasionally checking the result and the process.

A short HOW TO for effective remote work within a team or as its leader

Monitor yourself, your condition and motivation.

· Do what is convenient and efficient, not fashionable. I sat on Skype, so let it go on, don’t care about the zoom.

· The correct statement of the task is already 50% of success in its implementation.

· Most often, if an employee has not coped with the task and he did not have enough understanding, time, knowledge and any other points – the leader is to blame.

PS As a result, I noticed that the entire article is addressed to myself, and not to other people with whom we are building communication. That’s right. We are responsible only for ourselves and only we can change. We can only provide tools and opportunities for work and effective communication.

Be a team, not colleagues! Good luck!

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