Wi-Fi Radar: when advertising hits the mark

Just a couple of months ago, another targeted advertising tool, the Wi-Fi Radar, was launched. Under the cut, we will talk about the capabilities of this technology.

Why smartphones are “encrypted”

To find access points, the gadget sends broadcast requests by which you can track a specific device and its movement. Attackers or special services can take advantage of this and carry out an attack on a pre-selected device. To prevent such risks, methods have been developed for randomizing the MAC address. When sending broadcast and personal requests instead of a real MAC address, the device substitutes a random MAC address that is not associated with this device. This MAC address is assigned at a time for scanning, and it remains up to date from a few seconds to several minutes. Then the MAC address is replaced with a new, random one, and is never used again. In this way, devices can check for available Wi-Fi networks without revealing their MAC address. NETBYNET technologies allow you to filter randomized MAC addresses and increase the collection of "clean" MAC.

How Wi-Fi Radar Works

Wi-Fi Radar scans all mobile gadgets within the range of its Wi-Fi network and enters the individual MAC addresses of these devices into a single list.

After the MAC addresses are collected, you can run an advertising company in Yandex.Direct, my.Target systems and in social networks: Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki. Advertising will be shown only to those who passed your radar.

The radar can not only collect addresses, but also classify them as follows: visitors passing by and entering the store, new and regular customers. Wi-Fi Radar can distinguish owners of Apple smartphones from owners of devices on Android.

Wi-Fi Radar allows you to collect MAC addresses that were in the immediate vicinity of the device, the system makes it possible to create an advertising campaign for a similar audience. The Look-a-like segment is built on the basis of the audience gathered by the radar and consists of people with similar behavior and consumer habits. Wi-Fi Radar also allows you to calculate the conversion of an advertising campaign, because it can mark visitors who visited the store after they saw the advertisement.

How to connect a radar

You can choose one of three options:

  • Purchase a finished device with installed firmware. At the moment, two access points are available with the ability to install both inside the switch point and on the street – on the external facade of the building.
  • Install the necessary software on your own router, for which the service provider has customized firmware. The list of supported devices is growing and now consists of 7 models (MikroTik wAP (RouterBOARD wAP2nD), MikroTik wAP ac (RouterBOARD 5HacT2HnD), MikroTik wAP LTE Kit, UniFi AP AC Lite, UniFi AP AC Mesh, Unifi AP AC Pro, TP-Link MR -3020 (v1 / v3).
  • To rent a router from 400 rubles per month.

It is enough just to place the device at the entrance to the outlet or at the passageway in the complex, for example, on the information panel at the entrance, and after a while launch an advertising campaign.

A nice bonus: when paying for a six-month or annual subscription to Wi-Fi Radar, equipment will be provided to the subscriber, connected and configured for free. You can get acquainted with the tariffs in more detail on the Wi-Fi Radar page.

Testing Radar in Practice

For the sake of experiment, we placed Wi-Fi Radar in one of the most popular shopping malls in Moscow. The first couple of days, the radar was at the exit from the underground car park in the shopping center. Having collected about a thousand addresses, we realized that most visitors use either overground parking or public transport. It turns out that we have compiled a list of visitors who regularly visit the shopping center and use the car. Such visitors can be offered the services of the nearest car wash, gas station or car dealership.

The second installation point was the information terminal at the entrance to the complex. The number of visitors passing by the radar has increased markedly and by the end of the week reached 6 thousand people. All of these visitors can show advertisements of shopping mall stores and talk about ongoing promotions.

Advertising will be shown only to those who are really nearby and can go to the shopping center, as well as to those who are nearby regularly.

How to collect MAC addresses

Now let's try to create an advertising campaign from the personal account of the Wi-Fi Radar. For example, we want to advertise the services of a nail salon to all girls from 18 to 45 years old and to find out how many of those who saw the advertisement actually came in and did a manicure. We launch the Wi-Fi Radar at the point of sale and put it closer to the entrance to the pavilion. The speed of collecting MAC addresses depends on the location of the outlet and customer patency in the shopping center.

Netbynet Radar Wi-Fi Data Filter

After the MAC addresses are collected, a transfer of addresses to Yandex.Direct is created in your personal account. Such unloading can be done both independently and automatically.

Upload Wi-Fi Netbynet Radar

We decided to create an advertisement in the Yandex.Direct service, so we will go to our profile through the Yandex service account and go to the Yandex.Audience item.

Netbynet Radar Wi-Fi Segments

You can see which audience was scanned by our radar. It is expected that more than half of TC visitors are women. Coverage amounted to almost 10 thousand people.

Wi-Fi segment Radar Netbynet

In the tab "Interests and Categories" it is clearly seen that among our audience it is precisely Beauty and Health that are popular.

Netbynet Radar Wi-Fi Statistics Segment

Next, an advertising campaign is created indicating all the required parameters to an attracted audience.

A new tool for targeted advertising is changing the approach to creating an advertising campaign, allowing you to attract an audience that is nearby. Advertising will have maximum efficiency, and the cost of attracting leads will decrease.

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