Why you should be a student on GitHub right now

rice.  1. GitHub Educations homepage
rice. 1. GitHub Educations homepage

Before authorization, GitHub introduces us to the list of what we will receive if we receive the status.

rice.  2. Account privileges with GitHub Educations
rice. 2. Account privileges with GitHub Educations

After successful authorization, an easy form will be waiting for you, by filling out which you will be taken to the most interesting. It does not make sense to paint something at this stage, because anyone can fill out that form.

The final step will be to confirm your status with some document. This is where things got really interesting for me.

rice.  3. Final stage
rice. 3. Final stage

GitHub, to my surprise, from a PC did not give me the opportunity to upload a photo, although on the site itself I saw a screen where the “Upload image” button was. From the first 10 times, I didn’t manage to correctly take a photo so that the GitHub system would approve it. What needs to be done to pass the final stage and get the coveted status of a student? Pick up the phone. It is also recommended to fill in the FI in the GitHub profile.

  1. If your document is Russian language – we translate the name of the educational institution and your full name into English.

    It looked like this for me (I also wrote down the city, my nickname on GitHub and the date the document was signed, just in case, which, most likely, was superfluous):

    1. Select “Proof type”. In my case it was a gradebook/Student ID.

      You can also choose any other document, but this one seemed the easiest to me.

    2. We are trying to submit our application for approval.

      It took too long to load so I decided to refresh the page. After that, I received a 504 error, but despite this, my application was approved, and I received the coveted student status.

Why do I need this status?

  1. Many You get Pro versions of services / programs for development / testing absolutely free of charge for the ALL time of study (While you are a student). You can also get several domains for 1 year (In total, you can have your domain for about 3 years). But, unfortunately, in this case, ads will be shown on your site, which not everyone likes.

  2. Pro GitHub account for the duration of the course.

  3. Possibility participate in activities for students with this subscription.

  4. Community Exchange – access to private repositories of other program participants.

  5. Lots of cloud services for data storage, etc.

  6. Access to IT training courses and tools.

That’s it opportunities Students pack are open to us. I immediately went to get subscriptions for various products, first my eye fell on products from JetBrains.

Activation of a student subscription to third-party products (Bootstrap Studio, Educative, Polypane, etc.) takes place in a couple of clicks, you must click on the link “Get access by connecting your GitHub account on…” and you will already be taken to the product website, where you can log in via GitHub and activate / get a License key.

Products share into 5 main groups:

  1. Virtual Event Kit – programs related to hosting, cloud storage and online meetings / events.

  2. Primer: Codespaces – Provides access to templates, videos, and step-by-step resources you need to get started, test, debug, and promote your code.

  3. Intro to Web Dev – gives access to some web development courses for beginners and advanced developers. Provides free subscriptions to various programs.

  4. Hackathon in the Cloud – provides students with tools to help empower student hacker communities.

  5. Aspiring Creatives – expands the possibilities of the Figma editor, trial access to design tools and popular sites with a large number of high-quality icons.

What programs / services opens Student pack

I will highlight a few interesting products in my opinion:

  1. jetbrains – Lots of the latest IDEs for every occasion at your disposal. The subscription is given for a year, after the expiration of this period it will be necessary to re-confirm the status.

  2. Microsoft Azure – provides the ability to develop, run applications and store data on servers located in distributed data centers. More. Available for the duration of the course. (Need to renew status every year)

  3. educational – service with online courses. Over 60 courses covering in-demand topics such as web development, Python, Java and machine learning. Given for 6 months.

  4. simple analytics – an alternative to Google Analytics. For 6 months.

  5. bootstrap studio is a powerful desktop application for building responsive websites using the Bootstrap framework.


The GitHub Student Developer Pack opens up many tools and services for students to dive into development comfortably and without investment and become great developers after learning.

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