Why we do not need to do AI in the way the brain works

Thinking where to start this article, I remembered the movie “Superiority” where the main character was brain scanned and he was able to live with the help of electronics. After observing my brain a little, I realized that such a path would not lead to anything, since it is suitable only for a person, and that this limits a person. Now I will describe in more detail about my observations of how the brain works.

So, we receive information from several sensors. Try to discuss some significant situation, for example, getting a job. If you bring up a conversation in an interview about what programmers do when they quit, then this moment will show up in the future when you want to quit your job. But what thought will be at that moment will be taken into account how much you are able to do the same thing as those programmers who quit their jobs. And finally, what are you interested in at the moment. For example, we are interested in C++ development. And I’m sure we’ll think about what’s left of the idea of ​​what programmers do when they leave this job in a C++ implementation. This happens because we set today’s day of dismissal as a background, then since we are programmers, we are among those that we want to do something after the dismissal. And here begins narrowing down to our capabilities and mapping to our goal, that is, to write something in C ++.

Another example. We set a goal to come up with some kind of game. But I will say right away that our imagination is evaluated on our knowledge up to the current moment and we cannot come up with something out of nothing. For a fresh idea, there must necessarily be some kind of distortion or combination of several memories, but these memories must be activated at the same time in order to be seen. That’s exactly how it works. We come up with a goal like a game about orcs in isometrics. For example, this is something that they could only come up with to begin with. And then we start watching different videos on youtube and wait until an idea comes to us. And what’s the catch, that it’s not we who guess about this thought, it’s just our event-driven brain. It turns out that you will not think of it if a certain event does not help you. Therefore, many ideas go to the trash, because they come in response to an event and activate the neurons associated with this event.

It turns out that our brain reacts to events and such work is not suitable for artificial intelligence, because we want it to be able to come up with something new from nowhere, using mathematics, but working like a brain, we will only activate neurons that have been activated in the form of a goal and events from sensors – in this case, a new thought is copied with a modification, and then it will be the first to be remembered, since new neurons have started working for this, and we always like something new.

Even for a person, sleep is not unimportant, because after the rest of the brain, it turns on at a very high speed processes the neurons that we have activated during wakefulness and gives us some conclusions when we wake up. In a dream, we will not understand new discoveries, because we are not a brain. I think that we are some kind of organ that is connected to the brain. The brain communicates with us through an interface. The organ that we are, we live entirely on how the brain works, fast or slow. When we wake up, we automatically remember a little yesterday and the brain gives out new thoughts that it processed when it turned on from rest.

These are all my observations. I realized that reading books on programming is not enough, you still need to read on many different topics. Because thought can only be generated from active neurons. That is why according to game design it is advised to play a lot of games in order to understand what you like and what you don’t. But the reality is that we don’t just have to play to find out, but to play to remember it, so we can come up with something.

The coolest way to achieve our challenging goals is to make a VR scene. For example, if we imagine that someday we will earn a lot of money and go to the islands, then we can make an island scene and see what thoughts come up. Because they can activate old neurons that are specially hidden from us. That is, before it’s too late, it’s better to make a scene and look at these thoughts, because if you do it in 20 years, then these neurons will not turn on at all because they haven’t been activated for a long time.

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