Why we (do not) love native mobile development in 2021: discussing with 2GIS, Scooter, Podlodka and CocoaHeads on Thursday

Hey! On the evening of July 8, we will spend open online meetup, where you can hear about the complexities of generating correct intermediate swift code from C ++, the rake of working with the hidden system API in Android, and also discuss the topic “Godzilla vs. Kong or Native Development vs WebView (and everything in between)”.

Here you can learn more about the program and put a reminder on the calendar. Below is a closer look at some of the participants and topics of our online meetup.

Anatoly Petrov (2GIS), responsible for the strategy and technical development of the iOS direction

What can you tell us about?

– How the rejection of the compromise tools offered by Apple allowed us to work with the C ++ library as if it were written in Swift without @objc.

Why do you want to talk about it?

– It’s time for us to get rid of the routine of building bridges between C ++ and Swift in cross-platform development.

What pisses you off the most about working as a mobile developer?

– Brake tools. Great PR.

And what is most pleasing?

– Improve the work of other developers. Build systems.

Nikolay Pakhomov, Android Developer at SberDevices

Hello, what can you tell us about?

– About the ways of using the Android API hidden from the usual developer, which we tried during vendor development. And why it is not so easy to repeat the steps described in the report.

Why do you want to talk about it?

– Often, when you need to execute something from the system code, it is not clear where to start. This talk lays out on the shelves ways to execute system code, the restrictions that the system imposes on all this and how these restrictions can be circumvented.

What pisses you off the most about working as a mobile developer?

– When people use your SDK without reading how to use it. Especially noticeable among newbies.

A recent case: an application that was installed in our firmware created an SDK instance at each WorkManager cycle. And this SDK made an IPC connection to our internal services. So, digging in the logs of one device, I found that one application established 300+ IPC connections. Just tin.

And what pleases the most?)

– Dig into the system code when you need to perform some unusual task.

Ilya Taratukhin (2GIS), will hold a discussion with Yegor Tolstoy (Podlodka), Yegor Gritsina (Samokat) and Nikita Maidanov (CocoaHeads)

What do you want to talk about and why?

– I’m wondering if it is still important to develop native applications or can you replace rare and expensive mobile developers by 80% with available front-end developers, as VK and others did?

Therefore, in the last part of the meetup, we will arrange an interactive discussion: first, we will share our opinions – and then we will lead the conversation according to your comments from YouTube.

I will not spoil the position of the guys. Connect on the evening of July 8 or watch the recording, it will appear on the same link

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