Why it is worth studying your own target audience a little more specifically, even if it seems obvious


To sell your product to customers and do it successfully, it’s not enough just to have a great product, uninterrupted supply capabilities, established supply chains, and so on. More important in fact know your target audience. Because, as practice shows, the real audience of a product or service can differ significantly from the intended one. Or be much wider than the one that is now.

We encountered a similar case on the example of one of the clients of the service Beeline Analytics – it has its own production site for the production of freshly squeezed aloe juice and a distribution network in Moscow and the region. To us client came with a request to simply increase the number of orders through advertising. At that stage, no one really thought about Central Asia and its features, it seemed obvious.

But we decided that we need to go deeper

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What was done by the beeline team

First of all, we:

  • compared the client’s audience with its competitors.

  • compared the audience of the client with his partners (resellers).

Block “Socdem” from our reports bravo reported that competitors have 4 times more men. The clue is interesting – the client was sure that his products were of interest mainly to women, and did not suspect that men were also actively interested in aloe juice. At the same time, the site was tailored specifically for the female audience (design and presentation).

As an experiment, we decided to make a selection of recipes for athletes on the site, set up the appropriate SEO and indexing of search results. And also think about the visual component.

The next report showed that competitors have a very significant percentage of young audiences. We concluded that competitors have cheaper products in a similar category. The product itself is not so much for a healthy lifestyle, but for cosmetic procedures and healing / cleansing of the body. As the number of sales increase, the customer will be able to lower the unit cost and start attracting a younger audience.

During a discussion with a client, he came up with an idea for a new product that he could sell at a lower cost and attract a younger audience.

In addition, we advised the client to make a pilot batch of a new product tailored for a young audience, as well as start a TG channel with relevant content.

For sale – ok

Somehow, at first, the client approached sales, which is why he didn’t know much about his own target audience. Our reports showed that right now the client has a female audience (in the sample of all clients and in the sample of regular clients), which is aged 35+, has a car and has a high income.

It turns out that we are dealing with a segment in which the consumer has matured in order to “bother” with his health and the preservation of youth, and he needs a certain level of knowledge.

After studying this block, the client set up the appropriate target on a number of advertising platforms, and also purchased advertising from bloggers.


Initially, the client was sure that his product was of interest to women, that it was a purely beauty direction, which, frankly, is usually not very interesting for men. Okay, not as much as women. After studying each report, we gave the client a set of specific recommendations that should help his business.

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