Why is the development of RPA software robots interesting?

Hello, Khabrovites! Today we’ll talk about what tasks the RPA field solves, who will be interested in this specialty and how to master it.

We imitate human actions at the computer

Software Robot Development (RPA) is a branch of robotization that automates processes that have clear algorithms. This includes tasks such as searching, collecting, transferring information, etc.

Automation is configured for different management systems in the company: ERP, DBMS, CRM, HRM, BI, CMS. For example, a software robot is able to transfer data from one application to another, work with Excel, Word, mail, web applications, etc. Can use a graphical user interface and work with information like a human, interacting with elements on the screen. Machine learning technologies are often involved in the robotization of business processes.

RPA technology is used when it is impossible to perform automation by alternative methods or it is too resource-intensive – expensive, long. Mostly where it is impossible to connect via API, so the usual scripted integration methods do not work. This primarily refers to “outdated” systems and programs with limited or no APIs that companies continue to use.

RPA is used to automate processes in the public sector and business: banks, retail, pharmaceuticals, as well as in the oil and gas, industry and transport sectors.

Three components of successful process robotization

  1. Thoroughly analyze the current state of the processes. It is necessary to identify which activities in the company are duplicated, which are ineffective, determine the points of absence of control and classify the roles that are responsible for different steps of the process.

    Before starting the development, precise diagrams and databases of business processes, responsibility matrices and job descriptions are drawn up. It turns out a transformation map that helps the company move onto new rails without fuss.

  2. An RPA developer implements a solution using one of the automation platforms as a tool. The most popular all over the world is UiPath platform… There are also Russian instruments, for example, PIX platform.

  3. Debugging a new process and training employees is the finishing touch in the automation process. Testing needs to be done to make sure the solution truly simplifies the company’s day-to-day tasks.


In recent years, the digitalization trend in Russia has taken on a large scale. And all over the world, for a long time, companies have been trying to robotize routine tasks – there are many freelance platforms that are looking for developers who can create RPA solutions. Digitalization received an additional impetus in all spheres of life in 2020 as a result of the global epidemiological situation.

RPA technologies can speed up business processes by 5-20 times. Moreover, the implementation takes about six months and in itself is simpler and cheaper than other methods.

Our partner company NFP has gathered in one online course all the necessary skills to develop software robots for UiPath platforms and PIX… Who is the course program aimed at?

  • For those who have just started to master IT and choose a practical, in-demand profession for themselves. A little experience in programming is enough for learning, and course will give you enough skills and practice to apply for jobs with salaries of 75-150 thousand rubles.

  • For those who are faced with automation tasks in their work and want to strengthen and systematize their knowledge.

Do you want to find out in practice whether this specialty is right for you? Join the demo lesson on December 3, the topic of the lesson is “Reading data and sending results”… You will learn how to write a robot in UiPaththat searches and colors specific table data in one xls file according to table data of another xls file. Also you will consider working with a visual interface at PIX platform, see how OCR occurs from an image and writing to a text document.

To attend a demo lesson, it is necessary pass the entrance testto help you match your skill level with the complexity of the program. See you at the webinar!

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