Why I advise you to write articles right now

Previously, conferences were the main party center – informal communication between reports and at after-parties. But now conferences are moving online or in a hybrid format, and many do not come to face-to-face meetings. Someone has changed the country, another part does not want to move because of the “no-aircraft” logistics – it is not enough pleasure to get to the site for more than a day.

Online conferences do not always imply the creation of a comfortable environment for informal communication (at least they imply this to a much lesser extent than face-to-face meetings). When the program committee helps to prepare a speech, it usually advises to make the maximum emphasis on information content. They have no way out – otherwise, given the mass of distractions remotely, none of the audience will sit until the end of the performance (not so long ago we wrote about preparing online performances: https://habr.com/ru/company/maxilect/blog/ 707026/). And the article allows you to choose a freer style of narration, digress into details or reasons for choosing one or another approach. Why not start a discussion in the comments?

I do not claim that articles are the only way. Telegram chats and VKontakte groups, which today replace the good old forums, are also gradually gathering an audience. But it is difficult for an introvert to communicate with completely unfamiliar people with whom there is no common background. From this point of view, an article is an easier way to find like-minded people. The author talks about his project or experience, thereby revealing the manner of communication and approaches between the lines. Virtually approaching him with a question or comment is much easier than in a chat room, where no one is introduced to anyone in advance.

Summing up, I would like to note that despite the transformations in the life of the audience and the assumptions that have reached me lately that now no one will read anything but operational news, from the point of view of the publication of technical articles, nothing has been significant since last January has changed. IT topics are still interesting and in demand. In support of this – a few numbers.

PS. A minute of statistics

Along with all the transformations in society, the statistics of reading our blog has also changed. But not as much as I personally expected. To be honest, for me this is the first powerful confirmation that real people with their own destinies and life changes really stand behind the statistics. For the first time, according to the results of the year (what the year … according to the results of individual events), fluctuations are visible on the graphs, which are so correlated with global processes.

For the whole of 2022, the number of reads of our articles has slightly increased, but their nature has changed. Fewer articles “took off” on the first day, getting into the “best” ratings, but “daily” reading kept at a higher level (the average number of readers of our blog who visit regardless of publication dates, including very old materials) is, obviously, subscribers and search traffic. It’s nice that the share of those who return to us regularly has also increased among readers (previously, the average for the year was 15%, the average for 2022 is 17%, and for December 2022 – 20%).

The global changes that I spoke about above are that this year the audience that reads us from other countries has increased significantly (what to hide – from those countries where IT people most actively left). Moreover, the audience growth occurred in two leaps – after February and in September-October. The second jump was much larger than the first. As a result, in Google Analytics, data for each of these countries individually grew by 1.5-2 times or more. The leader here is Georgia, for which the average monthly audience by the end of the year (against the background of February) increased by more than 20 times. It’s nice that despite the move, readers stay with our blog!

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