Why go for DevOpsDays? And why is this not another DevOps conference

In 2009, Patrick "DevOps godfather" Debois, along with the word DevOps, launched the DevOpsDays movement, which carries the true spirit of DevOps. Today DevOpsDays is an international movement that brings together thousands of DevOps professionals around the world. In 2019, 90 (!) DevOpsDays conferences took place in different countries.

December 7 DevOpsDays will be held in Moscow. DevOpsDays Moscow is a community conference organized by the DevOps community so that community members meet in person and discuss what interests them. Therefore, in addition to reports, we will devote a lot of time to chamber formats and activities that encourage dating and conversation.

We have compiled six reasons why you should come to our conference.

The conference is being done by the DevOps community

Each DevOpsDays organizes a local community interested in motivation, not in making millions. It was local communities that made 90 DevOpsDays conferences around the world in 2019. And since the first conference in Ghent in 2009, more than 300 conferences have been held in different cities.

In Russia, DevOpsDays makes a cool team. Surely you know many of these guys personally: Dmitry Zaitsev (flocktory.com), Alexander Titov (Express 42), Artyom Kalichkin (Faktura.ru), Azat Khadiev (Mail.ru Cloud Solutions), Timur Batyrshin (Provectus), Valeria Piliya (Deutsche bank), Vitaliy Rybnikov (Tinkoff.ru), Denis Ivanov (talenttech.ru), Anton Strukov (Yandex), Sergey Malyutin (Lifestreet media), Mikhail Leonov (Kodix), Alexander Akilin (Aquiva Labs), Vitaliy Khabarov ( Express 42), Andrey Levkin (one of the organizers of DevOps Moscow).

Mikhail Leonov, one of the organizers of DevOpsDays Moscow:

I believe DevOpsDays is not just a conference. It is organized by ordinary people, engineers, for the same people. They come up with a convenient format for conducting, focusing on the listener: both a convenient organization of reports, and convenient formats for interlovers, which is often not enough at such events. The program committee is also formed of engineers who can adequately assess the relevance and usefulness of reports. Those. people make this konf for themselves. And all this together makes DevOpsDays useful and convenient.

Program DevOpsDays Moscow

Sergey Puzyrev, Facebook
Who is Facebook's Production Engineer

Production Engineer on Facebook Sergey Puzyrev will tell you how they work in general, how the process of working with the development team works, what tools they use and what kind of automation they create and support.

Alexander Chistyakov, vdsina.ru
As we went to the mountains and fell. How I fell in love with the industry

The evangelist of the vdsina.ru company Alexander Chistyakov will talk about his personal experience, which led him to understand (to some extent) how the human brain works. He will also introduce listeners to techniques that allow him to survive in the frantic rhythm of a metropolis.

Baruch Sadogursky
Patterns and antipatterns of continuous updates in DevOps practice

Baruch Sadogursky – Developer Advocate at JFrog and co-author of Liquid Software. In the report, Baruch will talk about real fails that happen daily and everywhere when updating software, and show how all kinds of DevOps patterns will help to avoid them.

Pavel Selivanov, Southbridge
Kubernetes vs. reality

Pavel Selivanov, an architect at Southbridge and one of the keynote speakers at the courses, will tell you how you can build DevOps in your company using Kubernetes and why, most likely, nothing will work.

Roman Boyko
How to build an application without creating a single server

AWS Solutions Architect in AWS Roman Boyko will talk about approaches to building serverless applications on AWS: how to develop and debug AWS Lambda functions locally using AWS SAM, deploy them with AWS CDK, monitor on AWS CloudWatch and automate the whole process using AWS Code.

Mikhail Chinkov, AMBOSS
We are all DevOps

Michael – Infrastructure Engineer at AMBOSS (Berlin), evangelist of the DevOps culture and member of the Hangops_ru community. Misha will give a presentation “We are all DevOps”, in which he will explain why it is important to focus not only on how to deploy the latest stack, but also on the cultural aspect of DevOps.

Rodion Nagornov, Kaspersky Lab
Knowledge management in IT: what does DevOps and habits have to do with it?

Rodion will tell you why it is important to work with knowledge in a company of any size, why habits are the main enemy of knowledge management, why it is so difficult to start knowledge management “from below” and sometimes “from above”, how knowledge management affects time-to-market and security business. In addition, Rodion will provide a number of small tools that you can start implementing right away in your teams and companies tomorrow.

Andrey Shorin, consultant for DevOps and organizational structure
Will DevOps survive in the digital age?

Things began to change right in the hands. Smartphones first. Now electric cars. Andrey Shorin will look into the future and reflect on where DevOps will come in the digital age. How to determine if my profession has a future? Is there any prospect in today's job? Maybe DevOps will help here too.

Igor Tsupko, Flant
Workshop “Technology onboarding: immersing an engineer in our marvelous world”

No matter how we try to make the infrastructure so that everything is transparent and understandable, each newcomer has to explain a whole bundle of technologies and practices. Plus, technology and practice is constantly evolving. Igor will tell you how they deal with this, how they teach new engineers how to do things in a team, and how, ultimately, to reduce the duration of technological onboarding.

Focus on communication

DevOpsDays is a meeting place for members of the DevOps community. Communication and networking are the main reasons why we are doing this conference. We want the community members to get acquainted, communicate, discuss their problems and projects, because this is how new ideas and solutions appear.

In addition to reports and a workshop, we will have open space, reports in the format of Lightning Talks, a quiz and afterparty.

Open space is a special communication format where participants come together and discuss topics of interest to them. Everyone can announce the topic from the stage, and members of the program committee will participate in the discussions.

Presentations in the format of Lightning Talks are small reports for 10-15 minutes, starting points for further discussion of these topics.

There will be several such reports at DevOpsDays Moscow:

・ Digital product, Vitaliy Khabarov (Express 42)
・ State of DevOps 2019, Igor Kurochkin (Express 42)
・ Laboratory for Databases, Anatoly Stansler (Postgres.ai)
・ Stop using crond, Dmitry Nagovitsin (Yandex)
・ We use Helm to the fullest, Cyril Kuznetsov (EvilMartians)

After the lecture there, in Technopolis, there will be an after party with tables and beer. Be sure to stay informal with your speakers and colleagues.

Valeria Pilia, one of the organizers of DevOpsDays Moscow:
It seems to me that DevOpsDays is very humane. Ideally, this is a meeting of like-minded people who need to negotiate or stay with those who understand their nuances. Somewhere it's about raising the general local professional level, somewhere about the community. Therefore, we have reports with a specific look and promise, and open space takes half a day.

International regulations

DevOpsDays is an international non-profit conference with an international org. committee and uniform rules for all conferences.

According to these rules, there are no ads on DevOpsDays, no hunting, and we don’t give anyone the mail of the participants. This conference is not for advertisers, but for people and their needs.

Ticket price

According to the same rules, the price of a ticket must be such that any member of the community can afford to buy it, regardless of whether the employer pays for it or not. Therefore, the price of a ticket for DevOpsDays Moscow is only 7,000 rubles. And she will not rise.

Anton Strukov, Member of the DevOpsDays Moscow Program Committee:
DevOpsDays is cool in that you come here not for hard-skills, but more for soft. Everyone has different stacks, different tools, but here you can find something that is right for you. This is where you come to chat without a stick in the post, “ask me anything” with any person. How to do practices for ourselves, and how others do, and why we took X technology, and it didn’t help much, how to find our way in the “all software is broken” field and divide the features on time without burning out. Here is what DevOpsDays is for me.

Freedom to choose topics

We want people to develop, and not just the functions that they perform. Therefore, we do not have reports on how to configure Jenkins for any task at work. But we will have reports about the realization of what we do, how what we do affects the business, and what is DevOps.

This conference is needed in order, first of all, to discuss your pains and problems, and not the tools and wishes of employers. Therefore, the conference will discuss any topics that are of interest to you now: be it professional tools and practices or earnings growth and self-development.

The conference will be held on Saturday, December 7, at the Technopolis (metro station Tekstilshchiki).
Program and registration – on the conference website.

This is the last big meeting of the DevOps community this year. Come get to know, chat, listen to smart people and discuss what is happening in the world of DevOps. We are waiting for you at DevOpsDays Moscow!

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