Why don’t you like Chrome so much?


Immediately I leave the final table with the results, who will need screenshots, I will leave them below.



Yandex Browser


5 tabs

375 Mb

620 Mb

539 Mb

739 Mb

15 tabs

823 Mb

1507 Mb

1274 Mb

1031 Mb

25 tabs

1123 Mb

Google Chrome, 25 tabs open, "ate" 1123 Mb RAM
Google Chrome, 25 tabs open, “ate” 1123 Mb of RAM

Under the spoilers, screenshots for each browser:


The # 1 browser for me personally, and probably for most users in general, for ease of use. For clarity, the table also contains data on 25 open tabs in Chrome.


Opera turned out to be the slowest browser, personally in my opinion, already on 15 tabs my computer “puffed and went crazy”

Yandex Browser

Yandex browser is too replete with its extras. icons, decorations and other tricks, not a “user friendly” interface


For ease of use, I want to give Mozilla its due! Very simple but tasteful, convenient and fast. But the RAM still eats enough.

I carried out the tests, the results are in the table, but what to use is your own business! 🙂

If I wrote / did something wrong, I will be glad to any criticism in the comments, I wrote it for the first time.

Thanks to those who have finished reading, I congratulate everyone on the upcoming New Year holidays !! 🎄🎅❄

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