Why do adults participate in intellectual “battles”?

socialist competitions <(and not only). More often on some sharp emotions, when I cannot remain silent, sometimes in large print magazines as an IT expert. The first articles turn out better because this is my dialogue with the reader, the second ones are more dry. But each article is the processing of information from the outside and the ordering of our own accumulated experience, rather intensive intellectual work. Writing articles for the first time is difficult and scary, words do not stick, you are afraid of the audience's reaction, you do not understand formats and approaches. But ... if you don't start doing it, then nothing will work.

Now about the strange.

And for another time I perceived interviews as intellectual games. Yes, yes, I was not mistaken. Yes, forgive me HR-s, whose time I took, but as a young specialist, I went to interviews literally at the level of the sport 🙂 Mission: to pass HR, to reach the boss … But seriously, the “hike” in interviews is excellent an opportunity to evaluate the market and yourself in the market. After 2-3 encounters with fear, you will understand how addictive and subtle the game is, learn to “shoot” the main chips, patterns, learn to go through almost everyone. But remember: going through an interview is not a profession, at work you have to be a specialist, so do not play too much. Well, yes, there is a chance that you will be remembered and your fame will go through the industry – in short, do not repeat this trick.

In general, friends, fewer TV shows, more books and activities to develop oneself in a career, oneself in a hobby, one’s erudition. I tried: it’s more interesting to live this way.

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