Why a business should love online payments through * Pay systems

Mobile payment systems have given impetus to the development of a completely new customer experience. When a purchase is made on the Internet, a person does not need to look for a card and spend time entering its data. It’s enough to unblock Pay on your smartphone with one touch, and the order has already been placed. As you might guess, this is beneficial for the online stores themselves, which accept payments in this way. Payment by any * Pay (here I mean all possible mobile payment services, for example, Google Pay, Mir Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.) – a storehouse of spontaneous purchases. So, a way to increase profits.

In 2020, payment through mobile payment services on websites and in applications is accepted by 19% of companies using Yandex.Cash. And today I want to tell you why the business loves such payments on the Internet and how you can start accepting payments with one touch. There’s a good reason – for 3 years now we have been connecting Apple Pay to users of our service.

The main reasons to say yes

The dream of any seller, so that the buyer spends money often and a lot. A fairy tale will come true if convenient tools come to the rescue. When the client does not think about how the payment goes and does not make unnecessary efforts to pay, he starts spending more, increasing the average check of the store.

In some product categories, the average check with contactless payment is much larger than with other methods of payment, for example, in clothing and footwear stores it is 5 times higher. The largest average checks with contactless payment were on sites with construction and design services – 9,766 rubles. Amounts paid by cards, through online banking and other methods were 3 times less – an average of 3,202 rubles.

Research Yandex. Cash

Therefore, it is safe to say that payment through mobile payment services is the easiest way for a buyer to part with money.

And even if the client is ready to give their hard-earned money here and now, the transaction may still be rejected. For example, a person could have incorrectly entered the card data or a confirmation code, or – most often – the client simply does not have enough funds on the balance sheet. According to our data, the success rate of a transaction when paying with a card is 84%, and when paying through various * Pay-methods – 94%. Thus, the presence of payment through mobile payment systems greatly reduces the proportion of errors associated with 3DS authorization.

It turns out that the ability to pay via * Pay in the online store eliminates some of the reasons for which a payment failure may occur, and increases the payment conversion by 10%.

But the main thing in the technology of mobile payment systems is, of course, tokenization. When making a payment using any type of * Pay, the seller does not receive the actual credit or debit card numbers of the customers and does not process such data in their systems. At the time of payment confirmation by a face scan, fingerprint, or password, Apple automatically generates a unique identifier, which replaces the card number, holder name, and even CCV code.

That is why the sites and applications of stores that accept payment in this way are much more trusted by customers – if you do not need to enter card details, the risk of theft and loss of money is excluded.

From this point of view, the spread of technology is beneficial for issuing banks around the world. With reliable anti-fraud protection, they save huge amounts that would have to pay affected customers. Profit

How does a business accept one-touch payment?

Any online store can connect accepting payments through Apple Pay:

  1. directly in your application or on the site, having independently received a cryptographic package from Apple and having integrated with the service,
  2. on the site through Yandex.Cash: when using our card form, “Smart Payment” or the Cash desk widget.

Yandex.Kassa is registered in Apple under a separate account Payment Service Provider and has the necessary group certificate, which allows you to automatically send other online stores for onboarding. When a new store connects to Yandex.Cash and our database is replenished with its data – in the absence of obstacles, Apple Pay is boarded.

For partner stores, we have implemented a scenario for connecting payments through Apple Pay, which does not require additional integration if a number of simple conditions are met. More specifically, if used:

  1. current protocol of Cash API v.3 (also it can be commonHttp30 or postponed30),
  2. built-in card form or “Smart payment” (that is, there is no customization in the card form).

If all these points are met, then Apple Pay is automatically added to the site as one of the possible payment methods.

Apple, like any large company, has its own design guides, and placing the Pay with Apple Pay button on its website requires following certain recommendations. Therefore, the integration of this payment method occurred tightly with our UX designers, who helped to implement the most convenient layout for end users. It not only looks beautiful, but also quickly loads all the necessary elements.

In the application, additional rendering of layouts was not required – this is a native story when the curtain opens in the smartphone. It does not depend on us as the owner of the Payment Service Provider status.

So the online store receives a whole bundle of solutions – backend, front-end and design. Isn’t that a fairy tale?

Here is the user script:

  1. the client is shopping on the site in the Safari browser,
  2. collects the order and clicks “Pay”,
  3. it redirects to the browser on the layout of Yandex.Cash to select a payment method,
  4. then the “Smart Payment” page or the page with entering bank card data opens,
  5. he sees the “Pay with Apple Pay” button and clicks on it,
  6. then the curtain opens for the client to pay (if there are several cards, then you need to select one of them),
  7. the person checks the data and confirms the order by Touch ID, Face ID or password. If the payment is from a macbook, then the bank card added to Apple is immediately selected,
  8. the shutter with Apple Pay closes, the client remains on the Yandex. Cash desk page,
  9. money is debited from a credit card from Apple Pay,
  10. after payment, the customer redirects back to the store or returns to the application.

For a store, payment looks like a regular credit card payment.

There are also other integration options:

  1. connecting Apple Pay to the Cashier Widget – a ready-made payment form that automatically adjusts to the size of the user’s device, checks the entered data and prompts the user if something is entered incorrectly,
  2. Mobile SDK for iOS – it includes ready-made payment interfaces (form of payment and everything connected with it). Using the SDK, you can receive tokens for making payments through Apple Pay, from a credit card, through Sberbank Online or from a Yandex.Money wallet,
  3. independent integration – in this case, registration with Apple Developer will be required, then the exchange of Apple and Yandex.Kassi certificates to configure interaction and payment via the Yandex.Kassi API.

They already require additional actions from the store. But also have their own characteristics and advantages.

And some more numbers

Like it or not, payments through mobile payment services are gaining momentum. For example, according to Apple, in 2019, about 15 billion transactions were made through Apple Pay, which is 2 times more than in the previous year.

If we compare the percentage of contactless payments with Visa and Mastercard (PayPass / PayWave – they all work on NFC), the share of Apple Pay (and Google Pay, Samsung Pay) is growing at a tremendous pace. Apple Pay is ahead of all by the number of users. For example, according to an eMarketer study on popular mobile payment applications in the United States, Apple Pay has 30.3 million active users, 12.1 million with Google Pay and 10.8 million with Samsung Pay. According to Statista data for September 2019, 500 million people worldwide use Apple Pay and Google Pay, and in Russia – every fourth.

From a recent study by Yandex.Cash, it follows that mobile payment systems will help increase conversions on your website. Therefore, we continue to love such payments and develop.

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