whole placers of gadgets and an electronic organ from 1980

Again, a huge number of all sorts of chargers, cables, both working and not. Today, by the way, I bought a power adapter for a laptop, and it turned out to be inoperative – this is more the exception than the rule.

Watches, cameras, sunglasses and telephones, many telephones. probably many readers will recognize their first / second cell phones here.

Call of Duty branded headphones and again chargers and cables.

Gamer’s Corner – Xbox 360 console, controllers, a couple of games and stuff, including a PS3 controller.

And here is a terminal for data collection from Motorola. Crammed into it to the maximum of everything. There is a barcode scanner, IrDA, a touch screen, a cellular communication module and a few other interesting things. Here are the characteristics:

  • Win Mobile 6.5
  • Processor – 624MHz
  • RAM and ROM – 256MB / 1GB
  • Color 3.5 ‘VGA display
  • WiFi 802.11a / b / g, HSDPA, GPS
  • 2D Image Scanner
  • MSP
  • 4800 mAh battery
  • QWERTY keyboard

Two were sold at once for 10 euros. Both are working, but with dead batteries. To charge you need a docking station, which is not there. I recharged it from the LBP in order to make sure it was working. In the Russian Federation, when it went on sale, this miracle of technology cost like 224,392 rubles, I looked in the cache. Now from 15 euros to 200, depending on the condition and performance. What to do with them now – to be honest, I don’t know, maybe I’ll do a review a little later, do you need it?

A little more stuff, including the Acer Iconia and Motorola Xoom tablets (I remember I wanted it, but something didn’t work out in due time).

Few media disks for storing and playing music, videos and viewing photos. They used to be quite popular. Now, since laptops and smart TVs are everywhere, the popularity of such things has dropped dramatically. But someone is using it.

And finally, the JVC Victron electronic organ. It looks very good, there are no visible problems. It was released in 1980, there were several different models that differed only slightly from each other. Here is a video of how this instrument sounds in the hands of a musician. The model is almost the same, but I don’t think the difference is very big. The musician is doing well, but it is clear that this thing requires maximum concentration – just like a real organ.

For today I have everything, and you do not switch – there will still be surveyors and trips to the flea market.

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