Who was the first business analyst?

The development of information technology has led to the emergence of business analysts.
Who is that? What are its main functions?
Who was the first business analyst?


BA – business analyst.
BP is a business process.
Efficiency – efficiency factor.

What is a business process

Management theory says that business consists of processes (BP)
.The minimum business model consists of three BPs:
Marketing – production of goods, works, services – implementation.

A process is a black box until the business analyst comes along.
There is an entrance and an exit. There is an owner and a consumer.
A business process is an algorithm of action, a sequence of actions of employees when creating goods, works, services. A business process can also describe any type of service that a person receives from the state, for example, obtaining certificates and documents from government agencies.

Business analyst? Who is that?

A business analyst describes business processes, regulates and formalizes the work of an enterprise in a particular area. Describes functions between processes. A business analyst works at the lowest level of an enterprise information system.
Based on the information received from the documentation and from employees, the business analyst draws business processes in an understandable notation language (for example, BPMN).

The job of a business analyst is to process a business process:
– Description of the current state.
– Formation of a new BP.
– Audit.

That is, it describes the business process from AS IS (literal translation – “as is”) to the TO BE state (“as it should be”).

What is the KPI from a business analyst?

The result of the activity, the ultimate goal of the work of a business analyst is to create business processes that allow you to automate processes and eliminate the weak link – a person from the process of activity or minimize economic losses, if you deviate from the process.
Evaluation of BA activity:|
– increase in business profitability:
– and / or increase in output at existing facilities.
– and / or reduction of personnel, while maintaining output.
– and / or transfer to the automation of routine processes.

Who was the first business analyst?

Everyone wants to be a pioneer.
Be the first to fly into space, send the first tweet, receive the first SMS.
But the methods and principles of analytics were already known thousands of years ago.
Who was the first business analyst?

BA, familiar faces…

The first business analyst was… a shaman who knew:
– Existing methods of hunting mammoth (with spears and many victims, among hunters).
– Offered to dig holes for hunters to run away from the mammoth and/or drive the mammoth into it.
– And/or chased the mammoth to a steep cliff, where the mammoth fell into the cliff.
Result: reduction in hunting costs, reduction in the number of dead hunters.

Thousands of years have passed since then.
The basic processes have not changed.
Changed the name of the hunt characters and the description of the functions between processes.
Businessmen continue to catch mammoths.
And business analysts continue to experiment with mammoth mining methods.

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