Who is the boss in the house: PC, laptop, smartphone or… tablet?

The weekend is ahead and it’s time for lyrics. We have prepared for you the feud of home gadgets in order to find out who is running the show.

With light classical music, we will consider the most popular modern devices in everyday life. Yes, at home.

As always, personal experience spiced with observation and social habits. Make yourself comfortable, let’s go.

Personal computer (aka BB, desktop)


Let’s start with the oldest and most respected participant in our conversation – this is the PC. In our time, in every house, or almost, he was / is. This is a harvester that can do everything except portability and mobility. It appeared when there was no mention of its “competitors” of our time – a laptop, a smartphone and a tablet (even in the minds of the coolest IT geniuses). A personal computer is our first and unforgettable experience in various activities. Someone started to write code for the first time, and someone downloaded bmp pictures of naked women during dial-up connection.

I remember that bmp took longer to load, which is logical from the bottom up, which was very annoying in my youth.

For some, the PC was the first gaming experience, but what was it worth “flying” the Internet at that time through Internet Explorer. All these delights, with the old “Windows” and snail’s speed, cause only positive emotions and nostalgia. Today, we have a very worthy harvester for practically all tasks: programming, gaming, working with graphics, multimedia editing and much more.

Laptops are coming


Years passed and in the mid-90s laptops began to appear in the vastness of the former CIS. The availability of “laptop” in the 90s was transcendental and their owners were only “rich Pinocchio”. I remember the first time in 1998 we put on Doom, which we brought on 14 floppy disks. It was some kind of small and funny “laptop” …

Closer to 2005-2006, laptops became much more fun. Availability, lineup and appearance pleased, but still, the price still nibbled. The heyday of laptops, I can call the period since 2010. Then netbooks still tried to blather something there, but they sank into oblivion. Every year, notebooks have improved, decreased in size, increased power and become more affordable. The choice became worthy for different requests. For the “rich Buratin” there were products from Apple, Dell. Those with less money could afford more modest brands.

Personally, I do not have a laptop to this day. There is a funny netbook that is a pity to throw away.

Modern laptops can do a lot, but if you start from your experience and needs, I do not consider them. No matter how advanced the technology, a laptop is about convenience and portability, but not for long or on a charge. This is a trade-off, especially when it comes to a gaming laptop. As for me, this is generally down the drain. For work – I agree, the right thing.

The gaming laptop is the highest degree of perversion. A cosmic price tag for which you can collect a gaming desktop and drive to the Seychelles for change. Comically short running time. How many top solutions are there? Two to three hours on battery power? And the rubbing screen with an active cut is generally a masterpiece. I don’t think it’s worth mentioning how they heat up and make noise.

Gentlemen “laptop holders”, I do not want to discredit this product in any way, but if the desktop has one drawback – portability, then there are much more drawbacks.

Is the smartphone ridiculous?


In 2006, I bought my first communicator (Qtek 2020i) – the parent of current smartphones. Why am I not considering symbian solutions? Because a modern smartphone and symbian smartphones are an abyss.

So that’s it. My first experience with this resistive miracle delighted me. Windows Mobile, the feeling of solidity and sisterhood with the PC, all this did not leave me. But, unfortunately, the development of communicators / PDAs of that time and Windows Mobile in general, made me say goodbye to the device and look at smartphones under other OS.

With the advent of Android and the first successful ports of it on Windows Mobile communicators (HTC HD2), users have tasted this wonderful OS. Since then, I have been tightly robotic and my smartphone occupies one of the main positions, both at home and outside.

You can do a lot on modern smartphones with their hardware. Recently there was an article about desktops, in which the author talked about what it is already possible to “code” from a smartphone. To what extent this fully replaces a PC is another question.

It is also possible to edit videos, photos and perform many business tasks on modern smartphones. I already keep silent that you also have a camera with a video camera in your pocket (yes, albeit not a professional one).

My personal opinion: modern smartphones are still very far from even the entry-level “DSLRs” in terms of photo capabilities, both, in principle, and in terms of video capabilities. Your CO.

Therefore, for many, a smartphone is the right hand for solving many tasks, both work and entertainment. What is the level of mobile gaming.

The tablet? Are you seriously?


This niche device can cause resentment for many. In the first years of the appearance of tablets, there was interest in them, but then everything somehow calmed down. For 2020, the Android tablet lineup is about compromise on compromise. At Apple, everything is simpler and more expensive, but for its consumer.

On Android, it fell into two camps. Frankly Dishchev’s solutions for surfing and media content or top solutions for the price of Apple technology. Even this mod for Amoled deprives many of the right to choose their favorite ips matrices. I recently updated my tablet, so I hardly found an acceptable option on ips (Huawei matepad pro 10.8).

Why ips? It’s simple. I am not satisfied with the over-contrast of amoled matrices, their peculiarity to burnout, shim.

So, a tablet. My first acquaintance with this technique was in 2011. Motorola Xoom made me very happy, but I wanted to taste the iPad (the gambling past was drawn). After buying the device by Apple and using it for 2-3 months, it was thrown into the nightstand. Then I sold it.

I took a break for six months and took myself a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 …. and then it clicked. One love, as they say. The tablet in our house became snapped up. My son and I did not let go of him. We played, watched media content. Over time, it became obsolete and turned into a mini-TV for meals and average games. Despite this, in 2020 it was decided to start a more powerful device. What we have now is a complete thrill. Feeling like 9 years ago. Everything flies, we really need it and is relevant. This is my IMHO because 80% of my friends do not have a tablet at home and they do not understand its intended purpose at all.

So who decides?

Naturally, there is no universal link from the above-described technique, it all depends on the needs and tasks. My priority is PC, smartphone, tablet. Laptops passed me by because they were completely unnecessary, both for work and for entertainment. According to the statistics of my friends, almost everyone has laptops. Many do not have a PC or tablet at home.

Personally, I can’t imagine how it is possible without a desktop. Other gadgets pale against its background. Dad-PC decided, decides, and will decide for a long time, and all his other brothers will only supplement the functionality of Big Brother.

How are you doing? Who is the boss and why? I would be glad to have a lively discussion, have a great weekend everyone!


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