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Typewriters, cassette recorders, disk telephones, the first PCs have become history, and the sounds they make are no longer among the most recognizable ones. But there are enthusiasts who disagree with this state of affairs and save our “acoustic heritage”.

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This interactive audio museum is run by Brendan Chilcutt, but this is just a pseudonym, invented three American students in 2012 – Phil Hadad, Marybeth Ledesma and Greg Elwood.

The museum’s collection is small and has just over 30 exhibits – for example, the rustle of a modem, a Nokia push-button melody and a ZX Spectrum squeak. The library also has a Macintosh iconic alert – the phrase It’s not my fault!which system voiced on error.

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To listen to the sound of interest, you need to click on the corresponding picture on the main page. According to the authors, the site of the museum was conceived as a kind of DJ console, but its implementation so far allows us to speak only of potential from a historical point of view.

Conserve the Sound

This museum was founded by two designers from a German creative agency – Daniel Chun and Jan Derksen. They collect the sounds of objects from past years that are already out of use or are about to do so.

The library is quite extensive – it contains the sounds of car engines (Citroën 2CV and Opel Astra F), video recorders, typewriters and laptops (Apple iBook). There are also household items – hair dryer, fan, manual coffee grinder and even aluminum can

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Filters help you navigate the site – the collection is divided by brands, years of release, or types of items or devices. The whole library can be downloaded and use as samples for writing music or creating effects. True, this is a paid option.

More sounds of a bygone era

The sounds of technology from the last century can be found on YouTube. On the site, enthusiasts form whole playlists… There is a video with work dot matrix printer and floppy driveclicking the iconic keyboard IBM Model M and cassette loading sounds Atari XE / XL.

Sound museums open and in Russia – they offer to listen punched tape noisepassing through the Swedish Facit N4000, or a squeak at launching Arkanoid on the Iskra 1030M.

There are places where you can dive into the space theme. NASA maintains an account on SoundCloud… It contains a collection of recordings of radio communications during the missions “Apollo“,”Mercury“And ship flights”Space shuttle“. There are also audio recordings from launching rocket engines

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