While the situation with karma is what it is

I would suggest from time to time (preferably – regularly) to arrange discussions about who is here for what.

I would see it like this: somewhere on the main feed, a post is written that is currently hacked (and then the list). And how do you like this, they say, citizens, write in the comments. Do you have something to say in defense of that or another account. With links to his comments or articles (although yes, the articles of the hacked disappear right?)

I motivate this post, which does not pull on a post, because there is little information in it. There must be some facts.

Well, for example, I write in Vue. Today I leafed through articles on Habré about this Vue, read discussions under them. Well, under https://habr.com/ru/company/simbirsoft/blog/675692/ I was hooked, in particular, by a comment from the user @zorn-v (“nothing found”). Which user, as it turned out, has since been hacked.

Habren for comments on the side of Russia, as I understand it: if you go to his comments, you can see that somewhere a little lower they are with the usual rating, but for the latter they already have a rating of -26. Karma, apparently, was leaked in the same discussion https://habr.com/ru/news/t/687240/.

Surprisingly, in the same discussion 687240 there is a comment from zorn-v, written later than the one shown in his profile comments as the last one. Here I have a little thought: what happened to the comment inside the branch, if the last one in the zorn-v account is the start one on this branch, written earlier? ..

Let me quote the comment below (at the first link here above) the article about Vue, because of which I am writing all this:

For those who are “afraid”, vue 2.7 has been released, which is “almost” like 3 but with the limitations of the second. For example, non-existent properties in a reactive object must be declared via (Vue|this).set (well, remove all this when switching to 3ku)
In fact, I didn’t even think how convenient it was not to even think about it)

One of the killer features (for me) of the 3rd version in composition api is script setup. It was also moved to 2.7.

It’s lovely fabulous, Carl, a comment on the programming resource. Concrete, detailed: not so bad with Vue2 + explanation why.

I would expect that a person who is able to write about one thing from programming in detail and valuablely can write about another thing from programming in the same way. And in such a situation, draining karma for political reasons is … is this exactly what habr wants?

Briefly speaking.

Please, dear habr team!

Make a regular study by the community of situations “karma was leaked for something not related to programming.”

As an option, make regular posts with lists of freshly hacked (here, of course, more ideas are required – where in such a list alphabetically the user zorn-v will appear, obviously) with the ability to comment in the spirit of “I saw (in my life) or just went into the comments on I found this person – comments that are clearly valuable for the reader-developer.”

You understand – this story is just a special case. “Spontaneous self-regulation habr” is so spontaneous. And such a politicized, in our times.

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