which “employees” will work for Yandex this year

We saw how in January of this year, near St. Petersburg, traffic police officers rescued a Rover stuck in a snowdrift. In the town of Murino, in the Leningrad region, caring people helped a robot courier from Yandex get out of a pile of snow. The blizzards in those days were strong, the baby robot could not cope on his own. A touching video was published in one of the social networks by eyewitnesses.

And if the “Rovers” from Yandex will no longer surprise Russians (they roam the streets of Moscow, Tatarstan and beyond), then the warehouse robot on Yandex.Market is still being tested.

a photo "Yandex"
photo “Yandex”

Yandex.Market hired a new warehouse robot to move pallets of goods at the end of last year. Place of employment – the logistics complex of the Market in the Moscow region. The new employee is a real strong man. Able to carry up to 800 kilograms. The robot runs on Yandex software. To avoid crashing anywhere, he uses lidar, ultrasonic sensors and cameras. For those who haven’t seen it yet, Yandex talked about this development at the presentation of YaC 2022.

The video contains a lot about how Yandex.Market works with robots and neural networks in general. Here, about “Catherine”, no, not the Great, but she can also do a lot. In fact, Yandex.Market hired a personal stylist – the Ekaterina neural network. It distinguishes trendy clothes from outdated ones and shows trendy items higher in the search. “Ekaterina” was taught a lot, interviewed stylists who evaluated tens of thousands of products on the marketplace from the clothing and footwear category.

About what industrial robots Yandex created, told Forbes back in August last year. This year the company also plans to actively implement its own developments in the warehouses of the Market and in the dark stores of Lavka. However, they plan to sell robots to third-party clients, including foreign ones. Analysts say the new products could be in demand in countries that maintain economic relations with Russia, provided the price is low.