Where to go to work as a programmer in Yaroslavl?

When it comes to Yaroslavl IT companies, the average resident recalls 1-2 names: most likely it will be Tenzor and someone else. In fact, the list of worthy organizations is much longer. We have selected the most interesting employers in Yaroslavl for those who are looking for a job as a programmer.

The rating was based on the financial results of the companies. Stable cash flow and profitability give the employee confidence for his future and possible prospects.

Before going to interviews, find out as much as possible about the company in open sources of information, study the official website of the company, social networks, read reviews. This will save you time and immediately discard inappropriate options. In addition to the size of the salary, try to find answers to the following questions:

  • Are you interested in the product or services that the employer sells?

  • Do you share the company’s values?

  • Are the scope and content of the tasks being solved satisfactory?

  • What intangible bonuses are there when working in this company?

  • What are the working conditions?

According to the latest research, for job seekers, the main factor in finding a job is no longer salary and career growth. People flee companies when faced with the toxicity and indifference of management and colleagues, which is quite common in large and wealthy organizations. By data According to McKinsey surveys, the main needs now look like this: recognition of the employee’s value by the immediate manager (54%), value for the entire organization (52%), feeling like a part of the company (51%).

A programmer in Yaroslavl has a lot to choose from: these are large IT companies with a staff of several thousand people, and small, but “cozy” teams where you are surrounded by not just colleagues, but friends and associates. The industries and the specifics of the work of companies are very diverse, everyone will find something interesting for themselves. Salaries are mostly official, registration according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation – applicants should not worry about these points. They offer work most often in the office, but many are not against remote work, which is especially important during a pandemic.

So, let’s start our review:

1. Tensor

The largest IT company in Yaroslavl. 100 branches in different cities of Russia, 12 development centers, 6,000 employees, 3,500,000 clients. The central office is located in Yaroslavl.

The main product, the VLSI program, is best known as an electronic document management and reporting system. But VLSI is also a Certification Center, OFD and other areas.

Advantages of working in a company:

Good salaries. Judging by the information hh.ru most of all in Yaroslavl, programmers get it in Tensor. We are ready to pay up to 400 thousand rubles to developers of mobile applications, up to 340 thousand – to leading Python and Javascript developers. Of course, not everyone receives such amounts, the salary depends on qualifications and the level of responsibility.

Other goodies: a modern, beautiful office with several cafes, billiards, table tennis, kicker and a gym. And also a flexible start and end of the working day, a free dress code, English courses, compensation for sports, voluntary medical insurance after a year of work in the company, a variety of corporate events.

Minuses: authoritarian management style. Management tightly controls employees and takes an active part in most issues and processes. All movements and working hours are monitored, actions at the computer are recorded, for delays – fines. A large amount of work, deadlines, frequent overhauls are in the order of things. The climate in the team is tense, strong competition. Staff turnover.

2. Diasoft

Developer of IT solutions based on its own software. The company’s clients are banks, investment and insurance companies, pension funds, depositories.

Branch in Yaroslavl (about 200 employees). The central office of the company is located in Moscow.

Pros: good friendly staff. People cooperate with each other, the credit of success is team. The culture of the company is focused on long-term relationships with employees. Much attention is paid to the development of employees, professional and career growth. Flexible working hours.

Minuses: salaries are below market, overtime are not paid.

3. Christa

Software developer for public authorities and local governments, as well as for state and municipal institutions.

The head office is located in Rybinsk. Development centers are also located in Yaroslavl, Moscow and Simferopol.

Pros: interesting projects, work with large customers, friendly, responsive team, a good place to start a career. There are corporate universities and additional activities.

Minuses: wages are below market, irregular working hours, heavy workload without additional wages, management is against remote work, there are difficulties with certification and career growth. Some employees point out that nepotism and bureaucracy are common in the company.

4. Stack

Leading software developer for utilities, energy and gas industries. Programs developed by companies allow you to make payments for housing and communal services, print receipts for residents, work with debts, etc. comprehensively automate the work of utilities. Every seventh citizen of the country uses the results of the company’s labor.

The head office is located in Yaroslavl. There is a branch in Rybinsk.

Pros: interesting projects with large customers (Gazprom, TNS energo, Rosseti, PIK-Comfort, etc.). Friendly team, mutual assistance and support of colleagues. Loyal and adequate leadership. Flexible schedule. Work in a comfortable office, if necessary, it is allowed to work remotely. Sports: table tennis, football, volleyball. Business trips across Russia. For students there is an opportunity to combine studies, training. An excellent place to start a career and continue it.

Minuses: a large amount of work, there are complex projects.

5. Thunderland

Yaroslavl developer of complex solutions in the field of tenders and public procurement.

Pros: friendly team, democratic atmosphere, dinners at the expense of the company.

Minuses: no information

6. Akvelon

American outsourcing company Akvelon. Has offices in Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, Kazan and Kharkov. The headquarters is based in Bellevue, Washington. 100% of projects are from the USA and Europe. Engaged in software development for Microsoft, T-Mobile, Disney, Evernote and many others.

Pros: flexible hours (no obligatory hours of presence and tracking of entrance and exit to the office), good opportunities for professional growth (hackathons, promotion of prestigious certifications, lectures in the office, technical library, the opportunity to participate and speak at conferences, including international ones), business trips to the USA and Europe, a modern office in the city center with a comfortable workspace and a dining room, which always has coffee, fruits and cookies. Games room with Xbox, billiards and kicker, discounts on gyms and English courses. There is a possibility of remote work. Nice team. Payment for obtaining Microsoft certification.

Minuses: unpaid forced overtime, difficulties in communicating with management. The company mainly focuses on Microsoft products, this imposes its own specifics of work.

7. Labmedia

Head office in Yaroslavl. There are branches in Moscow, St. Petersburg. Automation of HR processes: personnel assessment, training center, etc. Development of electronic courses, business simulators and business games. Development of educational and corporate portals.

Pros: nice office, flexible hours, ready to teach if little experience.

Minuses: below market salaries, unpaid overtime, staff turnover.

These are not all Yaroslavl companies where programmers will be glad to hire. There are smaller developers, web studios, startups, etc. We have presented only the main players in the HR market – as you can see, there is someone to choose from.

Good luck to you! We are sure that you will make the right choice and find exactly the company that suits you.

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