where is it better for a programmer to work? Experts answer

It is not easy to objectively evaluate which type of company is better, but if you are a novice developer, any practical experience will be useful. We will analyze the nuances of work in each case.

Pitfalls of Outsourcing

Due to the specifics of outsourcing in the field of development, some projects are real cats in a poke. An important project from the point of view of the client’s business may be based on technologies that are not relevant to the modern market, or it may turn out to be simple and uninteresting in terms of architecture and logic, or it may hide deposits of old undocumented code.

Another caveat – when working on outsourcing, it is not always possible to influence the choice of technologies and tools. Basically, you have to adapt to existing processes, which vary greatly from client to client.

At the same time, the work of external performers is often monitored with increased attention and make higher demands on the quality of their work, compared with staff members.

Often it is necessary to change the composition of teams that work together when one project is completed and a new one starts, with different requirements for competencies and expertise.

Work inside the company

Its specificity is present in food companies. Especially in those who switched from state orders to commercial projects, but so far have not kept pace with the requirements of the market.

You can work with one beloved team for a long time, engage only in greenfield projects, use only current technologies and flexibly build development and launch processes on the market. However, strict requirements for the timing and quality of the product or service, as well as obligations to customers and investors, will always be behind you.

The developer’s expertise in such companies, for the most part, grows deeper, unlike outsourcing, where the breadth of expertise is due to a potentially large set of projects and technologies.

As a conclusion, I note that it is useful to have experience in different companies in the resume. There is a difference in motivation when joining an outsourcing / consulting or grocery company. In the first case, you just have to love the technology and be able to apply it.

In the second, they must love the product and want to develop it. But no matter where you find yourself, the main thing is new challenges to your stamina and professionalism.

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