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The first ideal IT company: what is it?

My first overseas IT company was Samsung in the US. In America, two types of employment are common – contract and full-time. In the first case, the salary is higher, and in the second, there are more bonuses. I chose a full-time position, among other things, because of the good bonus program.

The most obvious advantage is the name of the company. Everyone knows about Samsung, they have a very strong brand. For a line in a resume, especially for a novice specialist, this is a huge plus.

I immediately appreciated the most humane attitude both on the part of the leaders and the culture of communication between colleagues. This greatly contributed to the creation of a pleasant atmosphere in the workspace – a large open office. It was organized in such a way that no one interfered with anyone. And if necessary, help.

As for the team, at Samsung I felt the atmosphere of an international company. Together with the Americans, many Indians and Chinese work there. There are Italians, Brazilians, Russians, Moldavians, Kirghiz, Romanians… Due to the difference in mentality, many people have little in common, only work unites them. Often, people come together against the backdrop of a culture close to them. For representatives of the post-Soviet space, for example, the Russian language often becomes a unifying factor.

Cash bonuses

Perhaps this is the most pleasant point. The salary was reviewed every year and increased not by 2-3%, which, in fact, only covers inflation, but by a much larger percentage. With each new year of work in the company, my income really increased. Also, according to the results of the year, they paid additional salary bonuses – on average, plus 20% of income. And they issued shares of the company, which could be disposed of at their discretion. When buying a car on credit, up to 20% of the monthly payments are paid by the company.

Product Discounts

Each employee had a 10% discount on absolutely any equipment, even Apple. If you wanted to buy Samsung products, then the newest models could be bought at a 40% discount. Well, if the model is already “outdated”, then discounts could reach 80%. A Samsung employee can buy a $3,000 TV for less than $1,000. Just because it’s already last year’s model.

Medical insurance

And, perhaps, the most significant bonus, which is especially relevant for the United States. It’s very expensive there. If you do not have medical insurance, then in the case of a visit to the doctor, even for the simplest reason, you will be billed a huge bill. The usual consultation will cost a pretty penny, not to mention the operations if you need them.

For example, once I had a stomach ache and I went to the doctor. Thanks to insurance from the company, the visit and pills cost me $20. And without her, for just one consultation, I would have paid $ 800!

There is another real story on this topic. One girl worked as a tester at Google. She was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Malignant but operable. The operation without insurance would have cost her over $400,000, but it was done for free. Because she had insurance from Google. Because of this, she recovered.

How to find the ideal employer in IT?

After 9 years of working as a programmer in more than 15 different companies, I have identified 4 key aspects for myself that you should definitely pay attention to before employment.


If at work you develop as a specialist and hone your skills, this is guaranteed to improve the quality of your life. You can both grow within the company and easily find a better job elsewhere.


Decent pay is very important. You can work for an idea at the beginning of your career. But if you have experience, you should not underestimate yourself. A flexible approach here can only be in the type of payment and the ratio of salary and bonuses. Here everyone chooses what he likes best.

Format and place of work

Now there are many positions with a remote format, so finding such a job is much easier than before. But if you prefer the office, then always see if you like being in it. How comfortable are the conditions there. How far is it from your home. If you spend 1.5 hours on the road every day, then even the most wonderful job can quickly get bored.


If the team is good, they will always help you, support you in case of difficulties and suggest a solution. But there are situations when everything is excellent from all sides, but toxic people work with you. Interaction with them is unbearable psychologically. Unfortunately, this happens in any country, city or company.

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