When you really wanted to get a job in America or in battle, all means are good

Based on all this unkind in my direction, I still decided to write my point of view on the current situation, since many expressive moments of our conversation were very coquettishly omitted by the author in this article.

I want to start by saying that this is my first and only conflict in all my time at this company. Especially this kind of conflict. With all candidates, I always part ways, maintaining good relations, regardless of the decision to hire from the company. And I especially try to keep in touch with those developers who did a good test task (but for some reason was refused or just another candidate who responded to the vacancy a little earlier received an offer) so that in the future I could offer them (to the developers I already know ) a vacancy similar in stack and the desired salary, and at the same time skip the test immediately by going to the final interview, which is quite convenient and will obviously save everyone time.

According to the article:

  • Being the standard “office worker” on weekends, like most people in the world, we have non-working days, which is why I replied to Mikhail on Monday as soon as I saw his message. Based on what this claim about Sunday seems to me not entirely justified.

  • I also admitted my guilt that I did not clarify with Mikhail what plans he had for the test. Twisted, alas, it happens. For which I openly apologized to him and tried to immediately agree on checking his test problem, because. it was my oversight and just a discommunication between us. The results of the test could clearly change the consideration of the candidate for this vacancy, which I told Mikhail that I would try to fight for a change in the negative decision.

  • And I perfectly understand that Mikhail spent his time and energy on the test task.

  • I also want to note that we do not have a deadline for the test. It is set by the candidate himself, usually we only specify the approximate deadlines. Someone can do it in one evening, someone takes it for the weekend (because weekdays are busy with essential work), someone can be late for a week (for personal and family reasons, usually the candidate warns about this) and we also we wait, especially if the vacancy is fresh and there is a margin of time.

  • Our test case is quite typical. We don’t sell it anywhere, we don’t use it, and we don’t profit from it in any way. We just want to see the candidate code in a visual example. And yes, I agree here that the test is not easy, but most of our vacancies are for experienced developers, or it’s easier to say for Senior.

  • If you don’t want to do a test for any of the reasons, then you can simply refuse.

  • An important fact, which was confirmed by many in the comments here, is that in the USA the reason for refusing a candidate to work is not disclosed. This is completely normal.

  • And we still have the most painful place in this story – the ill-fated culture fit.

So, in the course of our correspondence, I openly hinted to Mikhail about culture fit (although, as you remember, I shouldn’t have) and that, first of all, easy communication and friendliness are expected from a candidate for a company from the USA (plus this company from California, these guys are the most smiling of all from all 50 states of America). And as you understand, this argument was completely ignored by Mikhail and rather angered him even more.

As soon as Mikhail realized that the situation was not developing according to his plan, his first message was with threats. I quote “And you Anastasia and your company can be sure that if I don’t get normal feedback on this free work, then articles with references to you will appear on Linkedin, Habré and other resources. I wrote to you what you can expect if I remain disappointed.” The feedback, by the way, was excellent in terms of the code, but judging by these posts, Mikhail was still disappointed despite my attempt to calm him down at that moment.

Then I received a message from Mikhail of a different type that I quote “he no longer intends to deal with me”, but again changed his mind and continued to write to me. Then there was a polite period of messages, which you see in this article in the screenshots, but … this period was short-lived. Further with me there were tough trades with a long text. According to Mikhail’s idea, he immediately gets this job, and I get a mysterious benefit and a quick closure of the vacancy. Again, I did not bargain, which is already probably obvious. Then there was an emphasis on the fact that “all power” is in my hands and I am to blame for the refusal to him, and I answered that not at all, it’s not me who hires developers, the right word.

As a result, our very peculiar communication ended with a big crying emoticon from Mikhail.

I have not been able to find an answer to this argument. I probably did not immediately understand that, apparently, after threats, bargaining and pressure, tears were the last attempt at manipulation in obtaining this job.

To be honest, this is the first time I have encountered such a reaction.


First of all, putting my profession first, I am glad that this conflict happened at the stage of communication with me, and not after being hired by the company. It turns out that any problem that arises in work and in communication with other people will not be resolved calmly and logically, but will immediately become a big scandal. To be honest, the Americans would have been horrified by such soft skills of this candidate and most likely would have politely suggested that Mikhail contact a psychologist, not to mention the lack of desire for further cooperation.

And, unfortunately, Mikhail only made his career worse with this text, even without my commentary, which, again, has already been written to him here more than once. After all, this can be a red flag for many recruiters.

I’m also not offended, despite everything that happens. including on *ram and t * ray 😄 Rather, just in great bewilderment from what happened. We all get rejected for work, and yet it’s not worth wasting your nerves and time on writing evil publications, which most likely has already exceeded the hours spent on the test.

In any case, I wish Mikhail good luck in finding a new and interesting project!

This vacancy has already found its developer, and was successfully closed.

PS I would also like to mention the lavender collage with my photo and fairies, made by Mikhail for his article. Very cute, no matter what 🙂

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