What’s There at ITMO University – Data Visualization, Digital Arts, and Science Cinema

A new selection of activities for students and professionals. Here you will find upcoming conferences, online broadcasts, seminars and hackathons, which will be held with the participation of ITMO University, partner organizations, teachers and alumni.

Photo: Jonas Leupe.  Source: Unsplash.com
Photo: Jonas Leupe. Source: Unsplash.com

Techno excursion “The city where ITMO is”

March 22 – will be held online

ITMO University turns 121. As one of the many thematic events, we are planning to organize an online tour of the places of power of the “first non-classical”. Our alumni from WeGoTrip

A link to the excursion will appear in Vk-group ITMO.Family. A couple of other community events will take place on March 23rd and 25th – this will be open talk about sports development at the “university of the future” and an online broadcast about food of the future “Foodtech with ITMO” from the International Science Center SCAMT… In the latter case, the link to the stream will also be published in group

Hackathon Audithon 2021 from the Accounts Chamber

March 25-28 – [подать заявку] – will be held online

The Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation and the corporate accelerator GenerationS are going to offer the participants of the online hackathon a number of tasks for analytics and data visualization. You can solve them in a team or on your own – the organizers invite data scientists, journalists, analysts, designers and programmers to apply.

As examples of practical questions to which the participants will have to present their answer options, it is worth highlighting: analysis budget financing of the road industry, training diagrams of the movement of budget funds within the framework of the federal project, elaboration calculator “What did you buy with your taxes” and visualization data on the country’s innovative development. Description tasks program available on the hackathon website.

IV International Conference English for Specific Purposes

April 8-9 – [зарегистрироваться] – in online format

The event will be held under the slogan “more than ESP: from the classroom to the workplace”. The organizers, together with the participants, will be engaged in the theory and practice of teaching students of various specialties English for special purposes: they will discuss trends in this area and new teaching methods. You can apply in the following areas:

  • English for Specific Purposes;

  • English as a Medium of Instruction;

  • English for Academic Purposes;

  • Teacher Development;

  • Digital Learning.

It is recommended to participate not only for teachers, but also for education managers – those who are interested in edtech, work in the private sector or in government agencies.

“Scientific cinema” for our students and staff

March 19 – April 10 – Kronverksky pr., 49 – plus – online part

As many as seventeen pairs from the program director of the FANK Festival of Contemporary Science Films and the Center for Scientific Communication of ITMO University. There will be theory and practice: from acquaintance with the history of cinema from the point of view of scientific communication to an analysis of the current industry – genres, trends and examples of scientific cinema. We will tell you about the most notable cases, help you understand the basics of production and distribution. In addition, we will offer to work on our own project of a science-pop film in a team.

The program and schedule of the course is here… Curator’s contacts for registration – here

AR + T Digital Art Festival

April 27-28 – details will be announced closer to event

Joint event of our Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Engineering, ANO “Center for Contemporary Technologies in Art” Art-ParkING “and the general partner – the St. Petersburg State Museum of Theater and Music.

Companies and working groups dealing with media content and interactive in the field of culture will speak here. Students and specialists will have access to lectures and workshops on the preparation of multimedia content. Plus – they will be able to submit creative works for the competition.

What else is worth knowing for their upcoming events:

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