What’s inside the Maibenben X658 gaming laptop? Breakdown of the top model with RTX 3060 and R9 5900HX

Against the backdrop of March prices for computer components, these gaming laptops become a real opportunity to own a modern RTX 3060-level graphics card. In conjunction with a powerful Ryzen 9 5900HX processor, the Maibenben laptop shows quite interesting results. Is it so? Let’s try to figure it out and see what’s inside this game model under the number X698.

I have always been interested in the actual “lag” of Chinese brands in terms of technology. In terms of contract assembly of electronics and gadgets, the level has greatly improved, and now it is quite possible to meet an unknown brand assembled in quality no worse than well-known flagships. So one of these laptops was disassembled for specifics. This model Maibenben X658 is a gaming laptop with a very decent and thoughtful configuration.

In short, inside is an RTX 3060 GPU and an AMD R9 5900HX processor, as well as 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD. There is also a 32 GB/1 TB version. Complements all IPS screen with a diagonal of 16 “and a refresh rate of 165 Hz (!). Gamers can pay attention to the customizable RGB backlighting of the keyboard and parts of the case.

Well, we (first of all) are interested in what is contained under the lid. In terms of disassembly, everything is standard – about a dozen laptop screws, carefully remove, open the plastic latches along the contour of the case.

I can immediately note: the screws are installed on the thread lock. Part of the fastener at the base differs in size, which indicates some reasonableness of the assemblers.

I can say about the lid itself: there are shielding zones, there are dust filters on the ventilation openings. There are no cutouts or hatches, in case of replacing / upgrading the memory or drive, you will need to remove the cover entirely.

General view of the motherboard. A massive dual active cooling system on heat pipes catches the eye. I expected to see something like uncleaned flux or assembly defects… but no. The quality is quite at the level of first-tier brands. Yes, and not no-name components are used, but branded ones (memory, SSD, etc.).

The motherboard is marked with an assembly unit, there is an indication of the number and revision of the board. We can conclude that this is a contract assembly from Quanta Computer, Inc. The installation locations of the loops are signed. There are also markings for memory and storage slots.

Memory, by the way, is from Crucial type SO-DIMM DDR4-3200 (ct8g4sfs832a), a pair of 8 GB each. As for the drive, we used the budget Western Digital PC SN530 SDBPNPZ-512G. Its main advantage is energy efficiency, at 2400 MB/s it is quite economical in terms of power consumption.

The Maibenben X658 laptop is powered by an AC adapter with a power of as much as 230 W (19.5 V at 11.8 A). As for the built-in battery, a four-cell battery with a total capacity of 64.31 Wh (~4200 mAh at 15.2 V) was used.

The Intel AX200 controller with support for the Wi-Fi 6 standard is responsible for working in wireless networks. It connects to both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks.

Two large speakers are located on the sides of the case. From the available interfaces: USB-C, USB-A 3.1, Mini-DP, HDMI, RJ-45, combo audio jack.

A rather interesting solution is shown by Maibenben with the placement of part of the interfaces on the rear end panel. This allows you to connect additional monitors (projectors/TVs via HDMI/DP) and docking stations. Supports 4K/60Hz output. Also, for video output, you can connect via the USB Type-C port.

The illumination of the hull contours is interestingly implemented. Light guides and transparent elements are used, as well as a controller for RGB lighting. In the application, you can choose not only color / brightness, but also modes (dynamic / static), presets and user settings are available.

The dual active cooling system is positioned to dissipate excess heat from the GeForce RTX 3060 discrete GPU and the AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX (Zen3) processor. The photo clearly shows individual snail fans. The processor, by the way, has built-in Radeon Graphics 8, which will be enough for most non-gaming applications. This solution allows for a flexible approach to balancing energy savings and performance.

Elements of care for assemblers – there is a numbering of the sequence of installation of cooling system mounts.

Test packages and benchmarks confirm everything they see, including the overall level of performance.

If we compare the Maibenben X658 and a desktop computer with similar components, then the laptop is practically not inferior either in performance or in build quality. The cooling system can handle the load. There are also disadvantages, for example, a decent noise level at maximum mode. This is no joke: 80W processor plus 130W graphics card. All the disadvantages are completely covered by the cost of the Maibenben X658 laptop.

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