What’s inside the Maibenben M543 laptop? Disassembly of an inexpensive model based on Ryzen 3 4300U

I needed a simple working laptop, but with a full USB-C connector for connecting to a docking station. You can use it as a port expander (USB-C, USB3.0, HDMI, etc.), or simply for convenience in the office. The choice fell on the inexpensive model Maibenben M543. Details, testing and disassembly under the cut.


There are no complaints about the packaging – a large box made of recycled cardboard, there are soft inserts, the power supply is packed separately.

Together with the Maibenben M543 laptop, a quick start guide, accessories for installing an additional SSD inside, and a mains power supply are supplied.

The Maibenben M543 laptop is equipped with a 15.6-inch IPS screen with a FullHD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The maximum screen opening angle is 135 degrees, which is a typical value among office laptops.

But the keyboard block is made quite competently, wide (almost the entire width of the body), with a dedicated NUM-keyboard, with the necessary function keys, including Fn. The arrows are separated from the main keys, which is quite convenient.

As for the set of interfaces, everything is pretty standard here. Maibenben M543 has a pair of USB3.0 connectors (one on each side). One USB-C connector is located on the right and allows you to work with fast external SSD drives and flash drives. There is also an HDMI output for an external monitor, holes for a Kensington lock, an audio output for a headset or headphones. I will note the reader for memory cards such as MicroSD and MicroSDHC / MicroSDXC.

There are ventilation holes on the bottom of the case to remove excess heat from the internal storage and memory. There is also a laser marking with general information (model name, power type, manufacturer, s / n).

It is quite interesting to “feel” the new laptop, in particular, to look under its cover. Moreover, Maibenben’s policy is not to void the user’s warranty for access under the upgrade cover. The bottom cover is coated to shield the laptop board components, as well as seals to reduce vibration from the optional drive, if any.

Under the cover of the M543 laptop, the main (motherboard) board is hidden. Of the components, you can unambiguously “identify” a memory module, a solid state drive, a battery.

The WiFi module is located next to the cooling system, has remote antennas and supports not only WiFi 2.4/5 GHz, but also Bluetooth connection.

I was pleased with the presence of a free slot for installing a second memory bar. You can “small blood” increase the laptop’s RAM from 8 to 16 GB by simply installing a similar RAM module (CT8G4SFS832A.M8FRS from Crucial).

As for the solid state drive, it uses a 512 GB M.2 2280 660p series format disk. Inexpensive and fast drive for office models.

There is also free space for installing an additional 2.5-inch SSD (not thicker than 9.5 mm) and with a SATA interface. To do this, complete with a laptop mounts and a cable for connection are supplied.

Typical battery for 3 cells (3S) with a working capacity of 4440 mAh (51.28 W * h). Pretty good, especially considering the energy-efficient processor.

I put the cover back on, turn it on and check the system to make sure everything works after my disassembly. Let’s start with the CPU-Z and SSD-Z application report.

For an IPS display, a pretty good ripple test result (Opple Light Master Pro tester).

CrystalDiskMark access speed measurement shows values ​​​​at the level of 1600/1000 MB / s for read / write.

The result that the laptop showed in the Geekbench benchmark is 3167/1018.

For the PCMark benchmark, the base test result is 4751 units.

During operation, the laptop does not heat up much (~ 60 degrees maximum), and the noise from one turbine is insignificant (at the level of 30-32 dB).

Model Maibenben M543 will cope with most office applications, suitable for working with documents, will be appropriate for study and videoconferencing. The laptop can handle games quite well, but the graphics settings need to be set to medium or minimum values ​​so that the built-in Radeon Graphics RX Vega can render all this.

So, notebook Maibenben M543 impressed with its wide upgrade options (memory, storage) and relatively low cost. It’s nice that the warranty does not fly off when you open a laptop for an upgrade. Quite a decent “workhorse”, which is useful for both work and study.

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