What’s in the “Hi-Fi World”: discussing “floor speakers”, “turntables” for home and lossless tracks in the video

Earlier, we talked about expert reviews of audio technology – from in-ear headphones to floorstanding speakers. This time we present to your attention a selection with tests of “floor speakers”, recommendations for the use of vinyl players and a couple of analytical long reads.

Image: David Lozano.  Source: Unsplash.com
Image: David Lozano. Source: Unsplash.com

Where do PCM audio tracks disappear in video recordings?… A large technical analysis prepared by the specialists of the Stereo.ru publication. In it, they raise the problem of the almost complete absence of lossless tracks in video production and conduct a detailed excursion into the history of the issue. From DV-media from the 90s and DVD-format to HDV and MPEG’ov – in simple words about the features of the audio signal with graphs and detailed comparisons.

Which Arcam devices are considered the best and why you should know them… Entertaining material from journalists “What Hi-Fi?” on the most notable audio gadgets of the British manufacturer: rCube wireless portable speaker for iPod, rDAC digital-to-analog converter, Arcam Two shelf units and other notable systems. All of them left their mark on the history of audio technology and were remembered by their contemporaries.

Selected Hip Hop Albums to Test Your Audio System… If you would like to test acoustics or other audio components before purchasing, then this is the music that will definitely present a serious challenge for it. Therefore, one or two albums – from the proposed editors “What Hi-Fi?” – worth putting directly into showroom as an addition to your favorite songs. A Tribe Called Quest, Big L, Jay-Z, Roots Manuva, Dr. Dre and records of more than ten other famous authors and performers are in the material.

Technics SL-1200G turntable test… In this material, Stereo.ru specialists share their opinion on the restart Technics line, in particular one of the top players supplied to Russia. It has a number of features borrowed from professional models, and, of course, distinctive features. Compact [53 x 173 x 372 мм] and at the same time massive [18 кг] the device received an aluminum tabletop and a stable drive with three speeds of rotation. In the review you can partially see it and see detailed shots of the reverse side of the disc with damping, electronics hiding “under the hood” of the device, tonearm, controls, plus – look at the general view of this model of a turntable from different angles.

Do turntable mats affect the sound… Here – in the joint material of Audiomania experts and Stereo.ru journalists – a detailed analytical analysis of this issue is presented. Both from the point of view of a general view of the technological development of vinyl players, and the nuances associated with their individual elements like mats. Not without a practical experiment – for it the experts took four different mats and alternately placed them on the Pro-Ject X1, removing the sound parameters. Graphs, audio recordings, results and impressions – in the long read at the link above.

How to replace a turntable cartridge… It would seem that this action causes difficulties for those who are just getting acquainted with such a technique. However, this is not a completely fair statement – changing such an element should not be considered a difficult operation. With a note from “What Hi-Fi?” You will have a minimum of questions, and you will also learn about the nuances of aligning and setting the downforce, plus – the tools that come in handy for replacing the cartridge.

Top 5 audio engineering expert reviews… This is another “audiomaniac’s digest” in our blog on Habré. In this issue, we are talking about select publications on in-ear headphones and stand-alone tests. The last category in the selection is represented by the Arslab Stereo Two model, we also noted the reviews of Klipsch The Three II and ELAC Vela FS 408. Plus, we added a noticeable ELAC SUB3030 sub and a pair of high-quality “ears” – FiiO FD5 to the digest.

What does floor acoustics look like in the region of one hundred thousand rubles… We are considering three pairs of speakers at once – from Arslab, DALI and ELAC – in one of our habraposts. These are Classic 3.5, Oberon 7 and Debut Reference DFR52, respectively. In this collection, we pay attention to the features of systems in terms of their basic parameters and elements: cabinets, woofers, tweeters and other components. In addition, we provide recommendations for the maximum power input of the amplifier and provide links to more detailed reviews. All this is for each pair of speakers.

“Napolniki” up to one hundred thousand rubles per pair… In this habradigest, we drew the readers’ attention to four models of selected acoustics. These are Arslab Classic 2.5, JBL Studio 680, Monitor Audio Bronze 500 6G and Klipsch RP-5000F. The format of the narration is similar to the material to which we gave the link above. For our blog on Habré, we have prepared a whole series of such collections representing different price segments, including the most affordable systems.

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